3 Essential Tips for Your Evening Wedding

3 Essential Tips for Your Evening Wedding

If saying your vows and celebrating your wedding reception underneath the stars sounds like a wedding dream come true, you are right. However, as magical as it sounds, there are a lot of considerations to keep in mind. We have five decoration tips for an evening wedding reception so you can have the perfect night.

3 Essential Tips

1) Choose a setting that dazzles, even at night.

It’s easy to determine whether a venue works for your wedding during the day, but make sure you keep in mind how it will look at night. Also, find out what time the sunset during the time of year you will have your wedding. You will still want to make sure you have plenty of light for photographs. Otherwise, make sure there is an indoor area for the bride and groom to have a few beautiful staged pictures with plenty of light. Also, make sure your photographer is familiar with taking photographs during the evening hours. It will make a massive difference in how your wedding photos will turn out.

2) Be prepared for possible restrictions and ready with extra accommodations.

Depending on the venue, you will want to ask about any possible curfew. Many wedding venues, and even towns, will not want loud noise or entertainment past a specific time, such as 9 pm or 10 pm. Many cities also will not want people to drink past a particular hour. These types of restrictions will have an impact on how you will schedule your wedding, so know this information right away. Another factor to remember is that your guests will be drinking late into the evening, and so you will want to provide them with appropriate accommodations. If your guests are not interested in staying in a guest room locally, make sure your guests have backup transportation for anyone who does not have a designated driver

3) Lighting is key.

Wherever your venue is, you must make sure that your evening wedding has plenty of lights. There are several ways to add lighting to your wedding venue, which is both unique and beautiful. One of the first ways to dazzle your guests is with under table lighting. You can rent under-table lighting that accommodates up to 16 different color options to fit any type of atmosphere. You can also rent string lights, which is an absolute must-have if you are planning on an evening wedding.

Your wedding will leave lasting memories in your life and even in the life of your guests. Having an evening wedding is a unique, beautiful choice, and with these tips, you will be ready for any stumbling blocks and difficulties along the way.


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