Creating A Breathtaking Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

Creating A Breathtaking Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

The wedding ceremony is typically designed around an archway, chuppah, or arrangements. Entering high wedding season with warmer days in the forecast, many couples are opting to head outdoors to say “I Do.” From spectacular views overlooking lush landscapes and signature city horizons to intimate gardens and terraces, the allure of an open-air ceremony is undeniable. What makes decorating for an outdoor ceremony so exciting for us as wedding florists is the variety of styles and elements that can be used to help set the stage for this once-in-a-lifetime event between two people. We love working with clients to bring their outdoor wedding dreams to life.

Are you thinking about exchanging vows with a blue sky (fingers crossed the weather permits!) overheard, but are having a hard time pinning down ideas to go along with your vision? Look no further. We put together a guide full of helpful tips for creating a breathtaking outdoor ceremony.

Organic Inspiration

We always start by suggesting that our clients first consider the setting in which their outdoor ceremony is going to take place. If you are getting married at a venue known for its verdant grounds, is there any way to tie these organic markers into the theme of your decor? A whimsical archway accented with blossoming arrangements looks splendid against an abundant forest. The timeless romance of a private countryside wedding is captured in an elegant floral and greenery ceremony arch. A white bloom and greenery chuppah draws from the quaint charm of its upstate New York farm locale.

Show Off A Picturesque View

Another aspect to consider when planning for an outdoor wedding is the view. Is it possible to connect your ceremony decor with a nearby spectacular vista? What is so great about doing weddings in the New York City area is that venues offer a variety of stunning panoramas with which to work. A voluminous garden-inspired archway looks breathtaking against Manhattan’s iconic skyline. A modern Lucite structure allows guests to fully experience the magnificent beauty offered by a hilltop ceremony. A chuppah decorated with chiffon drapery flourished with white Phalaenopsis and dendrobium orchids, hydrangeas, ivy, and parvifolia eucalyptus looks captivating against the crystal blues of the ocean.

Creating A Breathtaking Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

Mother Nature As A Ceremony Backdrop

Imagine exchanging vows under the canopy of a charming, statuesque tree. While impressive standing all on its own, a tree also doubles as a natural structure that can be dressed up to express a couple’s unique wedding style. Sophistication and romance collide in a beautiful setup featuring sheer linen draped over a low-hanging branch accented with voluminous blossoms and greenery. To create a ‘stumbled into a fairytale’ feel, adorn a trunk with a sprawling floral installation, which gives the impression that the flowers are magically growing out of the tree. Underscore the majestic beauty of a wishing tree with a series of ‘living arrangements’ that lead down the aisle and culminate at the base of the trunk.

An Intimate, Open-Air Atmosphere

As COVID-19 put safety restrictions on weddings this past few years, couples were forced to reconsider their original visions in ways that did not sacrifice beauty and meaning. A major trend to emerge was the outdoor micro wedding. While smaller in size, these celebrations are just as personal and gorgeous as ever. To create an intimate and inviting atmosphere, especially if space is limited, consider using eye-catching ceremony arrangements as your backdrop for saying “I Do.” Enclosed gardens and terraces trimmed with lush greenery provide inspiration for captivating archways made of natural wood decorated with pretty blooms and greenery.

Nighttime Nuptials

We have done a handful of nighttime weddings and each one has been unforgettable. An undeniable magic fills the air once the sky gives way to a dark, starry canopy overhead. Lighting is key to creating an attention-garnering backdrop – you don’t want to feel like you are under the harsh stage lights of Broadway but also don’t want to trip walking down the aisle because you can’t see. When it comes to choosing florals, we suggest playing with a mix of light and vibrant colors, which tend to really stand out while dramatically playing off shadows and light.

Elevating decor for your outdoor ceremony shouldn’t feel intimating – you just need to know where to begin. Remember, you chose the venue for reasons that felt important to you and your fiancé with the outside space it offered being one of them. We hope this guide is inspiring, offering insight along with real wedding photos to help you plan and design for the ultimate outdoor wedding.

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