Labour Day Wedding Decor Shopping Guide!

Labour Day Wedding Decor Shopping Guide!


Labour Day marks a time of celebration and fresh starts. If you’re tying the knot during this joyous period, it’s crucial to set the scene with perfect wedding decor. Our guide covers essential decor items that will transform your Labour Day wedding into a memorable festivity.

Labour Day Wedding Decor Shopping Guide!

1. Romantic Candles

Introduce romance and warmth to your venue with a variety of candles. From classic pillar candles to elegant floating candles in decorative glass bowls, these lights will create a cozy and inviting atmosphere for your celebration.

2. Eye-Catching Backdrops

Craft the perfect setting for your vows and festive photos with our eye-catching backdrops. Choose from options like rustic wooden arches adorned with florals or shimmering sequin curtains to enhance the beauty and allure of your special moments.

3. Stylish Centrepieces

Transform your reception tables with stylish centerpieces that make a statement. Select from sophisticated floral arrangements, gleaming crystal vases, or quaint rustic lanterns to elevate the elegance of your dining settings.

4. Luxurious Chandeliers

Incorporate glamour and opulence into your decor with our range of chandeliers. Whether you prefer the classic elegance of crystal or the contemporary appeal of geometric designs, these lighting fixtures will captivate and enchant your guests.

5. Vibrant Artificial Silk Flowers

Beautify your venue with the enduring charm of artificial silk flowers. These realistic floral accents remain fresh throughout your event and are available in an array of styles and colors to seamlessly complement your wedding theme.

Exclusive Labour Day Sale Offers

Realize your wedding decor vision with our extensive selection, featuring everything from candles to chandeliers, and artificial flowers. Don’t miss our Labour Day Sale for exceptional discounts on all your essential wedding decor items.

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Budgeting for Wedding Decor:

Candles: $10-$80 depending on style and quantity.

Backdrops: $100-$1000 for various designs and materials.

Centerpieces: $30-$200 per table, based on complexity and materials.

Chandeliers: $200-$1,000 each, tailored to style preferences.

Artificial Silk Flowers: $50-$300 for arrangements or decorative accents.

Labour Day Wedding Decor Shopping Guide!

Embrace the Labour Day spirit with stunning decorations that celebrate love and new beginnings. Shop now and transform your wedding into an enchanting event!

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