May Wedding Colors 2024

May Wedding Colors 2024

Trends and Inspirations

As May rolls around, wedding season kicks into high gear, bringing with it a fresh palette of colors to inspire couples tying the knot. From soft pastels to vibrant hues, the month of May offers a wealth of options for creating a memorable and stylish wedding celebration. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the trending colors for May weddings in 2024, along with tips and inspiration for incorporating them into your big day.

May Wedding Colors 2024

1. Serenity Blue

Soft, tranquil shades of blue continue to reign supreme in the world of weddings, and May 2024 is no exception. Serenity blue, a delicate hue reminiscent of a clear spring sky, is a perfect choice for couples seeking a serene and timeless aesthetic. Pair it with crisp whites and lush greenery for a classic and elegant look, or add touches of gold for a touch of glamour.

2. Coral Crush

Vibrant coral hues inject a sense of energy and warmth into May weddings, making them perfect for couples looking to add a pop of color to their celebration. Whether used as a bold accent or as the main color scheme, coral pairs beautifully with soft blush tones, navy blue, or even bold emerald green for a sophisticated and modern vibe.

3. Lavender Love

Lavender, with its dreamy, romantic appeal, is another popular choice for May weddings in 2024. This soft, muted purple hue adds a touch of whimsy and enchantment to any celebration, whether it’s a rustic outdoor affair or an elegant garden soiree. Pair lavender with shades of grey or dusty blue for a soft and romantic look, or combine it with pops of yellow or green for a fresh and modern twist.

4. Sunshine Yellow

Bright and cheerful, sunshine yellow is the perfect color choice for couples looking to infuse their May wedding with warmth and happiness. This vibrant hue pairs beautifully with crisp whites and soft greys for a classic and timeless look, or with shades of navy blue or sage green for a more modern and sophisticated vibe. Incorporate yellow into your wedding decor through fresh flowers, linens, and stationery for a cheerful and inviting atmosphere.

5. Sage Green

Soft, muted shades of sage green continue to be a popular choice for May weddings in 2024, thanks to their versatility and understated elegance. This soothing hue pairs beautifully with a wide range of colors, from soft blush tones to bold jewel tones, making it easy to incorporate into any wedding palette. Use sage green as a neutral base or as a subtle accent color to add depth and dimension to your decor.


With its abundance of blooming flowers and lush greenery, May is a magical time to tie the knot, and the color palette you choose can help set the tone for your celebration. Whether you opt for soft pastels, vibrant hues, or timeless neutrals, the key is to choose colors that reflect your style and complement the overall aesthetic of your wedding. With these May wedding colors and inspirations for 2024, you’re sure to create a celebration that is as beautiful and unique as your love story.

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