Party Chairs For Events

Party Chairs For Events

Party Chairs For Events-Picking the Right Party Chairs Isn’t Always Easy

Party Chairs For Events

If you’re new to the business, the following statement might surprise you. Party chairs are the most popular piece of equipment in our industry. It doesn’t bounce houses, inflatable water slides, or party tents. It’s party chairs … yes, I’m being serious!

Folding chairs are consistent money makers for party and event plan companies. And when you really stop to think about it, their popularity isn’t really all that strange. Every event needs adequate seating, albeit a birthday party or a graduation ceremony, or a wedding reception.

That’s why the party and event rental business owners tend to stock up pretty heavily on their folding chairs—we sell more chairs than any other product—and it’s also why it’s so important for you to know which folding chairs go best with different types of events.

There are lots of options for folding chairs out there, from simple colorful kids’ party chairs to gorgeously-styled resin options brilliantly suited to an upscale wedding event. Let’s go over some of the different styles of folding party chairs available and explain which events they’re best suited for.

Kids’ Party Chairs

A kids’ folding chair is ideal for young children—preschoolers and kindergartners specifically—attending various events. Most of these rentals will go toward things like birthday parties, after-school events, and youth group functions. We carry an assortment of colors for our kids’ party chairs to suit any occasion.

Schools, daycare centers, churches and church groups, pediatric offices, and other organizations will buy or rent them often as well. And it’s always good to have some kids’ white folding chairs on hand too, for weddings, graduations, and other events where children will sometimes be present.

Plastic Folding Chairs

The real workhorse of the event rentals and party rentals industries, these simple folding chairs are perfect for general event grunt work. They’re comfortable to sit in. They’re durable as heck. And they’re pretty nice to look at, too. And that’s why these folding chairs are amongst our strongest selling items. We use them around our offices all of the time, too.

Plastic folding chairs are best for large-scale events and events with a more limited interest in aesthetics. Corporate expos and events, trade shows, festivals, fairs, carnivals, concerts … they’re great for any event where you don’t want the chairs to stand out, but still need comfortable, sturdy seating for the masses.

Fan Back Folding Chairs

Fan back folding chairs are a step up aesthetically from our simpler plastic folding chairs. Loosely inspired by Adirondack lounge chairs, these chairs feature a fan back design that elevates their charm and elegance significantly.

Our fan back chairs are a popular choice for upscale outdoor events like weddings, graduation parties, anniversary parties, and concerts. They’re not strictly outdoor folding chairs, of course—they work great and look great indoors, too—but these are arguably the best outdoor folding chairs around.

Resin Folding Chairs

Resin Folding Chairs look like they’re made from wood, but they’re actually made from a polypropylene resin that’s considerably stronger and holds up to the elements better. These classy chairs are usable indoors and outdoors, though they probably see more action indoors, given their comfortable upholstered seating.

Resin folding chairs are most popular in upscale indoor and outdoor events like weddings, art exhibits/art shows, concerts, anniversary parties, graduations, management summits, and general corporate events. They’re typically more expensive than the simpler designs we talked about earlier, but the added comfort and visual appeal validate those higher price tags.

Slatted Resin Folding Chairs

If you’re a bigger fan of form than function—if you want folding chairs that look better, even if they’re slightly less comfortable long-term—then slatted resin folding chairs are great options for you.

Not every event requires upholstered chairs for long-term seating. Some events are shorter or take place outdoors on days when the weather is iffy. This is where slatted resin folding chairs shine. They may not be as comfy as their upholstered siblings, but these chairs look stunning and resist the elements better than any other chair we carry at Tent and Table.

Which Party Chairs are Best For Your Next Big Event?

Let’s break all of this information about folding chairs down a little, based on different types of events and which chairs are most suitable for them.

  • Birthday Party: Kids party chairs, plastic folding chairs, slatted resin folding chairs for adult parties
  • House Party/Barbecue/Small Gathering: Plastic folding chairs, kids folding chairs as applicable
  • Graduation Party: Plastic folding chairs, fan back folding chairs, resin folding chairs
  • Anniversary Party: Fan back folding chairs, resin folding chairs
  • Fair/Carnival: Kids party chairs, plastic folding chairs
  • Festival/Concert: Plastic folding chairs, fan back folding chairs
  • Art Show/Art Festival: Fan back folding chairs, resin folding chairs, slatted resin folding chairs
  • Corporate Event/Trade Show: Plastic folding chairs, resin folding chairs
  • Wedding: Fan back folding chairs, resin folding chairs, slatted resin folding chairs

Have any questions about which party chairs work best for different events? Leave a comment below or give our sales team a call at +86 400-1036-998. We’d love to walk you through the various design features of our party chairs and help you find the perfect setting for your next big event booking!


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