Questions About Wedding Ceremony

Questions About Wedding Ceremony

This week’s blog post is all about your wedding ceremony! While each ceremony is different and varies from couple to couple, we thought it would be helpful to create this post based on general questions.  So, let’s dive right in!

Questions About Wedding Ceremony

1.     How long is ceremony?

A standard wedding ceremony can be anywhere from 20- 30 minutes long. However, this varies depending on if you want to add additional things such as a unity sand ceremony. Ceremonies can also run longer or shorter depending on if personal vows are being said.


2.     What is the official start time of ceremony?

We suggest ceremony be 3 hours before sunset if you are having an evening wedding. This is to insure you have plenty of time for ceremony to take place and allotted time for family and couple portraits before the reception begins.


3.     How do we pick an Officiant?

An officiant can be a professional wedding officiant, friend, or family. Keep in mind if you are thinking about having a family member be an officiant, they would legally need to be ordained in the state you are planning to have your wedding ceremony in. After you’ve decided on the perfect person to officiate your wedding be sure to confirm if you plan on giving personal vows, so they are prepared for it.


4.     In what order does everyone walk down the aisle?

Your processional order is typically customed to each couple. It varies on how many people are in your wedding party and or if you decide to opt-out of having a wedding party. Below is a standard wedding party order:

Groom (if opting to walk in) alone or with escort

Bridesmaids & groomsmen start with the people farthest away from the bride and groom

Maid of Honor & Best Man

Ring Bear

Flower Girl

Bride and escort


5.     How to decide on processional and recessional music?

Your ceremony music should be a reflection of the love you and your partner share. Take time to decide on the songs that hold a special memory in your heart. We recommend having a total of 3 songs. One for the groom, and a wedding party (if you choose to have one). Another song for the bride, and a final song for the recessional.

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