Rectangular Table Overlay Sizing Combinations

Rectangular Table Overlay Sizing Combinations

Designing the tablescapes for bridal showers, wedding receptions, or special events is filled with endless fashionable colors and style options. Many key elements will help you achieve your dream tablescape.

When using table overlays all table decor elements will work together to keep the scene consistent and picture-perfect to easily transform a simple space into an elegant event. A sure way to dress up your table decor is by using table overlay toppers!

Square table toppers are most commonly known to be used on round tables. However, if your venue only offers rectangle tables, configuring the right table linen on a rectangle table might seem confusing to say the least. From the size of the table, ideal tablecloth size, and side drop to corner drop, you may feel like a mathematician trying to determine the right size you need for your tables.

Rectangular Table Overlay Sizing

Advantages of Table Overlays

Table runners are a great way to add a subtle touch of color to your event tables. However, when you’re looking to add a big impact with different colors and textures, these linens are the ideal option! Overlays cover the majority of the tabletop while displaying the base tablecloth creating a chic table design. Before deciding what to use and which colors to match, always start with your trusted white linen tablecloths. Wedding Events offers a variety of white tablecloth fabrics.

Consider stocking up on these white linen tablecloths because you can always reuse them with different table toppers, making them a good investment, especially when you are a starting events stylist.  For instance, rather than using a full sequin tablecloth as the base linen, you can opt for using a base polyester tablecloth and adding a glitz sequin overlay to create an upscale layered tablescape for a fraction of the cost!

They come in many different sizes with the most popular sizes being 54”x54″, 72”x72″, 85”x85″, and 90”x90″. Each size serves a different purpose and looks best on certain sized tables as well as can be used to create different table styles and designs!

Sizes of Rectangle Table Overlays

Another option for rectangle tables is to use linen rectangular tablecloth overlays! When used in the ever-so-popular cap style, this option offers complete tabletop coverage with longer drops around the table to flaunt your overlay and base linens equally.

Rectangular Table Caps

Overlay styling and layering design options are endless and do not have to be limited to only square tablecloths. For an even easier decor without the need to account for corner drop lengths, table caps are a great option. The easiest cap to use is a Spandex Table Topper Caps! These topper caps will create a quick two-tone look with the added benefit of an elastic band that secures the cap in place. Topper caps are available for 6ft and 8ft tables in solid spandex and even glitz sequins in a variety of colors!

Discovering the several sizing options brings up a world of possibilities for improving event decor. A basic table can be a focal point to enhance the overall design with the appropriate combination of sizes. When selecting the appropriate size combination, take into account the topic, the location, and your unique style.

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