Rococo sofa

Rococo sofa

Rococo sofa-The presence of a sofa in a living room or living room is never trivial. This piece of furniture must be carefully chosen to participate both in the interior decoration of the room and in the external manifestation of the love of taste and standard of living, especially when one belongs to a given class of society.

It is the artistic movement of aristocracy and ease that the Rococo sofa has carried since its creation. This furniture brand carries with it a style, ancestral know-how, and a whole history of which this article gives a brief overview.

Rococo sofa


Elegance, warmth, luxury and leisure are the primary qualities of the Rococo style. Its careful and richly crafted furniture is a perfect art to serve as an ornament and a comfortable seat in a dressing room or a living room.

The Rococo style externalizes, in an apartment or a house. The owner’s desire to assert his high social status and his preference for Gothic-style objects that have value and history.

Indeed, the Rococo style originated in France at the beginning of the 18th century and was born during the reign of Louis XV, hence its original name of “Louis XV style”. The mixture of pleasure, love, intrigue, excitement and illusion of luxury that it conveys, constitutes the legacy of the feminine style from which it comes.

Indeed, it was the king’s female favorites who created it and transformed it into this popular style today. And when we know the interest that women can have for mystery, comfort, beauty, sensuality and sophistication, we better understand the origin of all the qualities of the Rococo style. These qualities are very important in determining the prices at which Rococo furniture is sold on the market.

The Rococo style has succeeded in history with a style also very well known: it is the Baroque style. These two styles share many commonalities in their stories, but have some differences that need to be emphasized.

Indeed, baroque reflects solemnity, while Rococo exteriorizes grace, graceful coquettishness and finesse. Also, the baroque style is an embodiment of grandeur with bright colors while the Rococo style is part of the intimacy and the refinery by using pastel tones such as black and white.


The Rococo style always looks after its brand image. Thus he works, through these experienced craftsmen, to make available to his clientele of choice products designed with the ancestral knowledge specific to the brand.

Among Rococo’s most prestigious creations is the royal sofa in gilded wood and red velvet. It is a sofa with a unique design that can serve as a sofa in a living room. As home furnishings, the royal sofa looks great and represents all the love and taste that one can have to have to indulge with quality furniture and choice.

In the interest of details, the careful combination of shapes and curves. The Royal Rococo sofa appears as the furniture where there is a homogeneous mixture of sensitivity, elegance, provocation and simplicity.


Rococo wants to keep all the good that is thought of him through his furniture. For this reason, it makes a careful choice and a very careful selection of materials that participate in the manufacture of its sofas.

Acquiring baroque sofas fabric or faux leather is not given to all purses therefore its design incorporates the best materials. Built with solid wood gilded with leaves. Especially cherry and mahogany to give it more balance and stability when laid on the ground.

Its seats and backs are tooled with processed cotton and free of all waste to provide absolute comfort. There are covered in leather carefully secured and polished to give the sofa an unparalleled shine.

The fabric and burgundy velvet are also blankets used as materials. The technique of creation and assembly is perfectly mastered by the craftsmen to guarantee the furniture all the strength and durability that is known to it. Everything is put to meet the value for money in the most competitive way possible.


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