Table Centerpieces Let The Event Glow Up

Table Centerpieces Let The Event Glow Up

When planning a wedding or any special event, the right table centerpieces can make a significant difference in setting the tone and enhancing the overall ambiance. At Wedding Events, we offer a stunning array of centerpieces that cater to various themes and styles, ensuring your event is memorable and visually captivating. Here’s a look at some of our top picks:

Table Centerpieces Let The Event Glow Up

1. Elegant Crystal Candelabra

Add a touch of sophistication with our Elegant Crystal Candelabra. This stunning piece features multiple arms adorned with hanging crystals, perfect for creating a romantic glow at each table.

  • Price: $150 each

2. Rustic Wooden Lanterns

For a charming rustic look, our Wooden Lanterns are an excellent choice. These lanterns are perfect for outdoor or barn weddings, adding a warm, inviting light to your event.

  • Price: $40 each

3. Vintage Birdcage Centerpieces

Our Vintage Birdcage Centerpieces bring a whimsical and vintage flair to your tables. These can be filled with flowers, candles, or fairy lights to create a dreamy atmosphere.

  • Price: $60 each

4. Geometric Terrariums

Modern and chic, our Geometric Terrariums are a versatile option that can be customized with succulents, flowers, or candles. They add a contemporary touch to any table setting.

  • Price: $35 each

5. Floral Arrangements in Glass Vases

Classic and timeless, floral arrangements in glass vases are a go-to centerpiece. Choose from a variety of flowers and vase styles to match your event’s color scheme.

  • Price: $75 each

6. Gold Candle Holders

Our Gold Candle Holders add a luxurious and elegant touch to your tables. These holders reflect light beautifully, creating a warm and glamorous ambiance.

  • Price: $20 each

7. Mirrored Trays with Tea Lights

Create a sparkling display with our Mirrored Trays adorned with tea lights. The mirrors reflect the candlelight, making the entire table glow.

  • Price: $50 each

8. Elegant Flower Stands

Tall and striking, our Elegant Flower Stands elevate the floral arrangements, making them the centerpiece of attention without obstructing the view across the table.

  • Price: $100 each

How to Order

All these beautiful centerpieces and more can be ordered directly from our website Wedding Events. Simply browse our catalog, select your favorite pieces, and place your order. We offer delivery services to ensure your centerpieces arrive in perfect condition and on time for your event.


Choosing the right table centerpieces is crucial for setting the mood and style of your event. Whether you’re looking for something classic, rustic, modern, or luxurious, Wedding Events has the perfect centerpiece to make your event glow up. Start planning today and make your event unforgettable with our exquisite selection of table centerpieces.

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