Timeless & Elegant Wedding at Celebration Hotel

Timeless & Elegant Wedding at Celebration Hotel

A Showcase of Sophisticated Furniture Choices

A wedding at the Celebration Hotel merges timeless elegance with sophisticated style, particularly through the thoughtful selection of furniture that complements the venue’s grandeur. Here’s how to achieve a similarly stylish ambiance for your wedding, including furniture ideas and their pricing.

Timeless & Elegant Wedding

1. Vintage Wooden Chairs:

Opt for carved wooden chairs with soft velvet cushions to add a classic touch.
Price: Around $40-$80 per chair.

2. Antique-Style Tables:

Use long, antique wooden tables to enhance the vintage feel. These can be adorned with white linens and crystal tableware.
Price: Approximately $200-$550 per table.

3. Elegant Lounge Furniture:

Create intimate seating areas with vintage sofas and elegant coffee tables, perfect for guest interactions.
Price: Sofas at $150-$500 and tables around $100-$800 each.

4. Crystal Chandeliers:

Nothing says elegance like crystal chandeliers above each table.
Price: costs about $200-$300 each.

5. Baroque Accents:

Incorporate baroque-style mirrors and frames for an opulent decorative touch.
Price: $50-$100 per piece.

Timeless & Elegant Wedding at Celebration Hotel

By carefully selecting and arranging luxurious furniture, you can transform the Celebration Hotel into a stunning wedding venue that exudes elegance and a timeless charm. These furniture pieces not only enhance the beauty of the space but also provide comfort and functionality, ensuring a memorable experience for all guests.

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