Vendors for Wedding

Vendors for Wedding

7 Vendors to Hire for Your Wedding that You Haven’t Thought of Yet

Vendors for Wedding

In the process of planning your wedding, there are so many details to tend to that it can be hard to keep up with it all. Of course, when everyone thinks of their wedding day, they think of the big picture and the obvious services needed. While vendors like an officiant, caterer, and florist are probably top of mind, there are other less obvious professionals you may need that you have yet to realize. To cover all of your bases, read below to ensure that you don’t leave any vendors off of your list as you work through the wedding planning process.

1. Calligrapher

If you want to get fancy with your wedding stationery, you might elect to hire a calligrapher. Calligraphy brings a beautiful sense of elegance to your invitation suite. These artists are great for addressing invitation envelopes, creating a beautiful place or escort cards, or even creating custom menus. While this is definitely an extra vendor (and cost) that’s not necessary, it’s something to consider if you have the room in your budget or if stationery is particularly important to you.

2. Ceremony Musicians

If your wedding band or DJ isn’t going to cover your ceremony or maybe even your cocktail hour, you might want to hire a separate musician(s) to provide music as you walk down the aisle. This is a place for you to be creative if you so wish, perhaps matching the mood of your venue. For instance, if you’re having a beach wedding, you may want to look into local steel drum players to provide fun ceremony and cocktail music. Don’t leave this off your list as, in many areas, there are limited vendors that specialize in ceremony music. So you’ll want to start looking early to have your pick of the bunch.

3. Photo Booth

Many couples these days elect to do extra things at their reception to impress guests and really bring their party to the next level. One such idea is a photo booth. These are usually run by a company that specializes in them. And some of these vendors offer packages that include backdrops and props. Pay attention to how these vendors offer copies of the photos, as some are only electronic copies.

4. Transportation

You don’t want to leave your guests or wedding party without a way to get to and from your festivities. But many tend to overlook the task of hiring transportation vendors for the big day. With many options out there and an array of logistics to cover, this can take some time and research. In order to get everyone from one point to another seamlessly, take some time to figure out what method of transportation you’ll offer to guests and those involved in your wedding. Once your vendor is booked for transportation, also think through how you’ll communicate this to your guests so that they utilize it the way you want them to.

5. After-Party Vendors

If you’re planning on keeping the party going past your reception, you’ll want to make those arrangements well in advance. This could include additional vendors such as an after-party venue, caterer, or entertainment. Alternatively, if you’re not having an after-party but are looking to provide guests with some late-night treats at your reception, you may want to look into vendors to supply this if your venue doesn’t. This could be food trucks or other food delivery services.

6. Reception Lounge Furniture Rentals

Many couples opt to adorn their reception with a range of furniture rentals as a sort of lounge area for the cocktail hour and beyond. Such furniture can be anything from fancy chairs to vintage loveseats and coffee tables. If this is something you’re interested in including in your wedding, you’ll likely need to work with an additional vendor to supply these items. You’ll want to be proactive about finding the right vendor who has pieces that go with the aesthetic you’re going for, so don’t delay on this one!

7. Local Touches

Especially if you’re having a destination wedding, you may want to enlist the help of locals to provide some special touches for your big day. Whether you’re using a local chocolatier to provide fun welcome bags or a business that locally produces elegant soaps as unique favors, this is something you’ll want to put some thought into. These little details certainly make your wedding an extra special experience, tying your guests to the location of this important event. Plus, this is a great way to support small businesses!

These vendors are easily forgotten in the hustle and bustle of planning a wedding. Once you get the “big picture” vendors nailed down, visit this list to see if you’re forgetting anyone who is more minor, yet still important, on this special day in your life.


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