Wedding Chair Decorations Guide For 2024

Wedding Chair Decorations Guide For 2024

There are many aspects of a wedding venue that lend to the décor of the wedding. One aspect that is often overlooked and can add a huge impact is the chairs. There is an unlimited number of wedding chair decorations that can make your seats just as special as every other part of your wedding. Tie the design of your chairs to your wedding theme and they will add a subtle and stylish look to your overall décor. Whether you prefer to DIY wedding chairs or need some inspiration for wedding chair decoration ideas, you won’t have to look far.

No need to fret or begin to wonder how to decorate chairs for a wedding. From ribbons to florals, to unique designs that will make your wedding stand out in the best of ways, we have collected a list of some of our favorite tips and designs for chair decorations for weddings. Make you and your partner’s seats as well as the seats for your guests, join in the celebratory mood of your special day.

Beautiful Wedding Chair Decorations

One of our top chair decorations for the wedding ceremony is simple but stylish laser-cut signs and seat assignments for the bride and groom. Whether you’re using ‘his and hers’ or ‘bride and groom’ seat signs, these laser-cut wood signs in beautiful calligraphy make the best designs. Add garlands of pretty eucalyptus draped across the backs and arms of the chair for a beautiful finish. The eucalyptus décor can continue throughout the guests’ seating to tie in the overall design.

If you are looking to make a unique statement, another option can be fabulous-looking rattan peacock chairs for the bride and groom to tie into a tropical-themed wedding. Have your couple feel like royals on their most special day.

Wedding Chair Decorations Guide

Wedding Chair Decoration With Flowers

Flowers often play a huge part in weddings, so why not in wedding chair decoration as well? If you are having a garden-themed wedding, you can consider draping the backs of your chairs in green garlands. For pops of color, you can add seasonal blossoms to create more elaborate and sweet-smelling garlands your guests will enjoy. If you’d rather not drape the chairs with flowers, you could consider elaborate flower arrangements to sit behind the chairs. A large and attractive flower decoration behind the seats of the couple especially will create a lavishly decorated seating. Elevating the flowers will lend to the beauty of the arrangement. Either way, you are sure to end up with a pretty and inviting garden party wedding scene.

Wedding Chair Decorations Guide

Wedding Chair Decorations Ideas With Ribbons And Tulle

For a more unconventional and luxurious look, you could consider draping your chairs in flowy tulle. Hold together seductively with silky ribbons for a fancy design. The chairs for the couple can also hold little signs featuring hand-painted detailing. Signs can bear sentimental phrases like ‘together forever’, or the simple ‘Mr and Mrs’. Complete your wedding reception chair decorations with bouquets of pretty pink roses and lush greenery tied in with silky ribbons for a most adorable finish. Your wedding colors or chosen color palette can determine your choice of flowers for the wedding reception chair décor.

Wedding Chair Decorations Guide

Outdoor Wedding Chair Decorations  

Outdoor wedding chair decoration ideas can be just as pretty and elaborate as those for indoors, if not more. An outdoor wedding provides more options and a variety of chair decorations for weddings.

Plan a surf-inspired reception by adorning the backs of your chairs with garlands of greenery and flowers—just add “Mr.” and “Mrs.” signs for good measure. The laidback ambiance and location for this couple’s destination wedding in Bali truly set the scene.

Wedding Chair Decorations Guide

Simple Chair Decor

The beauty in simplicity and minimalism can be seen in certain wedding ceremony chair decorations. A simple wreath can completely change the look of a wedding ceremony chair. String a single ribbon through a needle wreath and hang it behind the chairs of the newlyweds for a simple and elegant look. This wreath design can be replicated a bit more elaborately when you’re considering wedding reception chair decoration ideas. For something a bit more different, you could alternate between wreaths of white and green blossoms for every chair.

Ghost chairs

Another option for elegant and simple chair decorations for a wedding is transparent chairs, also known as ghost chairs for the couple. These chairs can be personalized with their initials monogrammed into the backs of the chairs. This is not only a sleek and unique design; it will also make for some of the most beautiful and memorable wedding photo props.

You won’t have to wonder about how to decorate wedding chairs for very long. There are many wedding chair decorations and wedding chair accessories to fit almost any type of wedding style or budget. From the most simple to the most elaborate, you cannot be left without options. Whether you are having a vintage wedding that would benefit from wooden signs and features to something flowery for an outdoor garden affair. For a summertime or even a winter wedding, there is something for every single one. For a modern wedding, consider neon signs, asymmetrical designs, and laser-cut calligraphy. Whatever your design and décor needs might be for decorative wedding chairs, allow some of our favorite wedding chair decoration ideas to help guide and inspire you.

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