What is a Pub Table

What is a Pub Table? And should you have one?

The last time you were at the furniture store, did you see an extremely tall table there? Was it more narrow than other table styles, such as the counter height table? Chances are, you were looking at a pub table! This type of table is nothing new, but it has faded in and out of popularity. So, what is a pub table, and should you buy one for your home? We’ll discuss this below.

What is a Pub Table

What is a Pub Table?

A pub table is usually a 42-inch tall table that is sometimes relatively narrow. In the United States, many people have coined this type of table as a “bar table”. These names are due to the height of the tables in pubs and bars. They were named after these locations because they have a similar height as the tables in bars or pubs.

When you look online, you may find differing definitions of pub tables. Some define pub tables as any small, round dining table. However, most furniture stores have the same definition we do – a table that is around 42 inches tall, which is the same as most bar heights. There are also cafe tables, which are usually taller round tables, which could be the cause of the discrepancies in the definition.

Is a Pub Table the Same as a Counter Height Table?

You may hear people use “pub table” and “counter height table” intermittently. While these two table styles are very similar, they are technically not the same. Most countertops are 36 inches tall unless they are built for bar-style seating. In this case, they can be up to 42 inches tall, like a pub table.

Why Get a Pub Table and How to Use It?

A pub table can be a great addition to your space. But, many people wonder what the purpose of their height is. The truth is, there are many reasons you may want a pub table. If you think you could use this type of table for the following reasons, you should consider investing in one.

In a Smaller Space

If you have a smaller space that you need to fit a dining table in, a pub table can be the perfect solution. Because the larger surface area, being the tabletop, is much higher than normal, it can make the space feel more open. This is a creative visual design trick, as your eyes will only process the space it takes up from the legs. So, your space will feel much less crowded.

In an Informal Dining Area

If your home has an informal and a formal dining room, you can change things up with a 42-inch tall table. Having two dining room tables on one floor of the house can feel a bit superfluous. So, to change up the space, invest in a standard height table and a taller table. In the image below, you can see a great example of this. For the formal dining room, our customers used a standard height table. For the informal dining room, they used a bar table, which is the same height as their bar height countertops in the kitchen.

Using two different heights for tables removes the feeling that two tables crowd the space. It also helps identify the purpose of each table. Because pub tables are less formal than standard height tables, your guests will know which table to eat at.

In a Media Room

If you have a media room or a room that’s dedicated to entertainment, consider putting a pub table in the corner of the room. You can put two bar stools with it so you have a spot to sit with a friend or a family member. It also allows for more comfortable seating in case you have several people over. Considering the purpose of these tables was originally to be in bars and pubs, why not use yours as an accessory for entertainment?

Choosing the Right Pub Table For Your Home

Now that you know what a pub table is and how you should use yours, how can you find the right one for your space? We recommend working with a high-quality furniture store. Being able to choose your own stain, wood species, width, and length is important for making sure it fits your space. At Wedding Events, we allow you to do all of this! Shop our Dining Collection and customize your own dimensions.


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