Why chiavari rentals aren’t worth the cost

Why chiavari rentals aren’t worth the cost

If you’ve got an event in the works, you may be considering chiavari rentals.

Why? Hopefully it’s because you like the idea of all of your guests feeling comfortable and sitting in something stylish, no matter the occasion. Whether you refer to them as “the wedding chairs,” “the ballroom chairs,” or simply “you know, those really classy-looking ones,” chiavari chairs offer a great fit for many venues and décors. They fit well around different types of tables and arrangements, and are generally easy to move in and out.

Why chiavari rentals aren't worth the cost

The generally inexpensive cost to rent chiavari chairs can make an appealing proposition. Especially if you are planning a one-time celebration requiring a large amount of furniture. At the same time, many establishments like churches invest in these types of chairs as permanent furnishings. They’re durable, light, and could work in many types of situations from a large assembly or more intimate meeting rooms.

It’s the ‘in between’ scenarios that has some organizations wondering whether to invest in their own sets of chiavari chairs, or shell out the bucks for regular chiavari rentals. If a place rarely has significant crowds, the cost to rent chiavari chairs infrequently might be worth it.

However, if you and your team really like the idea of entertaining and hosting larger events more often for your members or the public, a purchase might be the smart route to go.


It provides a specific number for your available space.

Trying to approximate the number of chairs needed for every function can drive many planners crazy. Especially if guests don’t always respond or indicate if they’re attending. When you’re talking about well-attended events, there is a certain amount of time required to move every chair from the rental company to your facility. If you’re required to guess each time you place a chiavari rental order, there’s a greater chance for error. You could order to many and overspend or you could order too few and leave people standing. If you purchase chiavari chairs to keep in storage, it’s easy to adjust numbers as needed, even at the last second.

It benefits your budget.

Even when you are renting in bulk – the more chairs the lower the price – the dollar figure can start adding up fast. Worse, you’ll never know the average cost of an event because the figure for “number of chairs” continuously changes. Instead, investing in your own chairs will eliminate that variable cost altogether. You’ll pay a one-time cost, hopefully with a nice bulk discount, and you’ll be prepared for fluctuation in attendance.

It helps your organization plan for the future.

Even if some people in your organization are thinking your amount of business does not justify the need to purchase chairs and are resisting the cost to rent chiavari chairs, you can ask them to estimate what your future furniture needs may be, especially with continuous growth. Anticipating future growth can be smart where chairs are concerned, whether it’s more members or more opportunities to bring in other community members.

They’re easy to work with.

Thinking practically, chiavari chairs are lightweight and easy to move. With enough functions, your team will become familiar with the best ways to move them and how to display them.

No damage deposits.

If you own your own set of chiavari chairs, you will no longer have to worry about anything or anyone damaging them and having to answer to the rental company. Though you will still have this concern as you will eventually need to order replacement chairs, you don’t have to be concerned about losing a hefty damage deposit to a chiavari rental company.


If you order a large number to have on hand for any size function, they will always be available. If you rely on chiavari rentals, there’s always the possibility that some or all of the chairs may not be available when you need them. Perhaps a busy rental company has multiple events going on around town and different groups want the same type of chair. While good rental companies usually have enough stock to avoid this issue, you still run the risk, especially during peak seasons.

Easy maintenance.

Your maintenance team can give all of the chairs a good inspection before or after an event, and fix any damages that may be an issue. This can be done in the slow time between events. With chiavari rentals, you’re relying on the rental company to ensure that every chair is in good condition. While their staff can try to make sure their products are all stable, they may be more interested in getting everything in and out as fast as possible.


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