Winter Wedding Ideas for Snow Lovers

Winter Wedding Ideas for Snow Lovers

There are summer people, and then there are winter people. And in winter people tend to love snow. So, what to do if you’re a winter bride or groom? Well, embrace the snow! Check out our winter wedding inspiration here.

The first few things that come to mind are the details to consider when planning a snow-filled wedding. Honor your snow-loving selves, but be mindful of your guests, their mobility, and their comfort level. Here are some things to think about:

Winter Wedding Ideas

Winter Wedding Decor

Lean into the “snow” theme. Colors to choose are whites, greens, and gray-blues, with silver or gold accents. Decorate with twinkle lights and white candles to add to the glittering snow theme. Finally, add touches of evergreen boughs and pine cones for a wintry feel. Velvet ribbons and birch accents are lovely, too.

If your venue allows it, consider adding oriental-style rugs, especially at entry points, to add coziness and prevent slippery floors from melted snow.

Wedding Venue

Get married in the snow! Picture a winter wonderland where you stand under an arch made of evergreen garlands, all while snowflakes gently fall from the sky.

Or, if you don’t fancy an outdoor wedding in low temperatures, get married next to the snow. Opt for a ski lodge, log cabin, or barn-style venue that has big open windows or doors to showcase the beautiful snow while you and your guests stay cozy and warm inside.

For winter weddings, consider looking into a Christmas tree farm for a unique venue option. Be sure to set out blankets if the venue has outdoor seating.

Winter Wedding Furniture

All-white furniture is a great way to decorate. Such as white MDF tables with white metal frames, and white iron metal chairs.

Winter Wedding Dress

As a bride, stay warm in a long-sleeved gown and accessories like a faux fur stole or a thick cashmere shawl. Stoles and shawls make a great gift for your bridesmaids, too.

The groom and groomsmen can wear wool scarves and dapper gloves as well. Add touches of velvet, or lean into velvet and have bridesmaids and groomsmen wear that soft, warm, elegant fabric. And as accessories, dramatic bouquets of winter florals are a great way to go!

Winter-Themed Food

Think cozy and bright when it comes to your menu. Have warm catering stations with hearty dishes like chicken pot pie or stew, or maybe a mushroom risotto. Look for vegetables that are in season!

Frost the desserts in white icing or dust with powdered sugar for the “fresh snow” feeling. Opt for a “naked” cake that is lightly frosted and embellish it with nature’s accents like cranberries, tiny pinecones, or juniper berries.

Winter Wedding Drinks

Incorporate botanicals like juniper or cranberry in your signature cocktail. Or, offer a mulled wine and cider. Another crowd favorite: have a hot chocolate and tea bar to keep your guests warm and merry all night long!

Winter Wedding Activities

How can you let yourselves and your guests play in the snow? You could ski or snowshoe into the ceremony, or have pre- or post-wedding mountain activities available like skiing and sledding. Ride in on a horse and sleigh or have sleigh rides for guests as an after-ceremony surprise.

Wintry Wedding Favors

If your theme is snow… consider a snow globe of the town where your celebration will be held.

Post-Reception Fun

If your venue has a fire pit, set out s’mores supplies and let your guests enjoy the cool wintry air next to the comforting crackling fire, all while making delicious treats!


Winter is a romantic, cozy season. So, when you’re planning your wedding, think about what makes you feel most loved. Add personal touches to as many details as you can, and think about how the weather may make things chilly – and what you can do to keep warm.

Pack boots, make a snow emergency plan, and if you want to take pictures in the snow, remember your cheeks and noses might get a bit red, so take some photos inside. And enjoy every moment!

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