5 Tips to Change Your Wedding to a Different Season

Change Your Wedding to a Different Season

If you are switching your wedding to a different season, you are most likely worried about having to re-work all the details you originally had planned. How will your early spring palette work in the late summer months? How will guests feel about being outdoors in the cooler weather? Well, we have some good news for you! Moving your wedding to a different season is not as hard as you think and will not require you to completely overhaul your vision. After reading these tips from wedding pros, you will be breathing a sigh of relief!

Change Your Wedding

1. Adjust your Timeline Depending on Sunset Time

Wedding day timelines (especially outdoor weddings) consider the optimal times for daylight. Any change in season will usually require adjustments to make sure you are able to have the right lighting for your ceremony and also snag that gorgeous golden hour glow for your portraits.

Shannon told us: ” When changing to a different season for your wedding, you may have to change the timeline or order of events based on sunset time. If moving from a summer wedding to a winter wedding, you might consider a first look to capture couple portraits in natural daylight as the sun sets much earlier in the winter. During the first look, which is typically an hour and a half before ceremony time, include your family and wedding party for formal photos as well! The silver lining; enjoy your cocktail hour!”

2. Bring in Seasonal Flowers to Compliment your Existing Vision

Flowers are our love language, and Sarah from Wedding Events feels the same! She encourages her planning and design clients to incorporate the beauty of seasonal flowers as a way of keeping their existing vision alive. “Don’t let the season define your wedding. Contact your florist and ask them what flowers are in season and they should be able to recommend and put together a design that still reflects you well and follows the color scheme you always wanted! Don’t overthink it and follow your heart.”

3. Make Subtle Changes to the Undertones of your Palette

For couples who have their heart set on keeping their color palette but also want to make sure their decor is in line with the season, Kim suggests making some adjustments in the undertones of your original palette. For example “yellow or lavender in Spring/Summer can become a warmer version of the colors, like, marigold or magenta/purple in the Fall.”

A few simple updates can help tie everything together while keeping the end result true to your individual wedding day vision.

4. Consider the Comfort of your Guests

A change in season also means a change in temperature for many parts of the world, make sure your guests will be able to stay warm if your originally planned June outdoor wedding is now moved to October. Kim says “If keeping your wedding outdoors in the Fall, adding heat lamps and warm blankets for guests is a must.”

5. Refresh your Menu

One of the simplest changes you can make to your wedding is the menu. Take a look at each course with your caterer to make sure the menu fits the season and temperature.

Kim has a great appetizer tip, “If your planned Fall wedding becomes your Summer wedding, changing up the menu to reflect the warmer weather is a great and tasty idea.  For example, appetizers that can be served cold, like Caprese salad skewers or deviled eggs can replace warm bites.”


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