The perfect wedding theme be found 7 signs

The perfect wedding theme be found 7 signs

Real talk: When people ask how wedding planning is going, your immediate response is to say “Great! No hiccups!”. But secretly you’re still on the fence about your wedding theme. You’ve exhausted every Pinterest board and quiz on the internet to figure out which one is right for you and your soon-to-be spouse. Just when you thought you had chosen the perfect one, that sneaky runner-up theme surfaces and makes your head spin with indecisiveness. Will you decorate with a country chic theme? Or maybe you and your fiancé are more suited for a vintage glam wedding. And let’s not forget the up-and-coming ‘unicorn’: The rustic industrial theme.

Before you know it, you might be questioning why you need to decide on a wedding theme in the first place. Why do we recommend choosing a theme? It ties together all the decor elements, reflects you and your fiancé and your families, and ultimately makes your day unique. As one of the key preliminary factors in planning your wedding, this step is crucial. Before you can say yes to the dress, you should be saying yes to a wedding theme. Look no further: These telltale signs indicate you’ve found the perfect wedding theme:

The perfect wedding theme

1. It Mirrors Both of You

If you can’t be yourselves on your wedding day, when can you? Possibly the most important factor in choosing your wedding theme is ensuring it’s “so you”. Take a look around your home, closets, and vacation pictures. Does your home decor style speak to the same wedding theme you have in mind? What style of furniture do you have? Do your everyday clothes and accessories match the style of your theme? Do the places you’ve traveled together and the activities you did reflect the theme? Answering yes to these questions is a leap in the right direction toward ensuring your theme is spot on.

2. It’s Meaningful

Maybe your theme encompasses your culture. Or perhaps a meaningful wedding theme to you honors a special family member or heirloom. What’s something that speaks to you and your fiancé that you’ll be able to reflect upon 30 years from now and get the warm fuzzies about?

3. Your Pinterest Board No Longer Looks Like a Patchwork Quilt

After you’ve decided on a theme, take a look at your Pinterest board. Does it describe most of the pins you’ve been collecting? Or do your pins look like pieces from six different puzzles put together? Your perfect wedding theme may not encompass all the ideas you’ve pinned but it should bring clarity to the ideas you’ve gathered so far.

4. Your Friend’s Reactions

After brainstorming with your maid of honor and bridesmaids, you probably tossed around different theme ideas, which may have cluttered your mind even more. When you tell your friends which wedding theme you’ve chosen, is their reaction “YES! That is so you”? If their response is anything else, it might be time to keep exploring themes. It’s important that you feel 100% confident in your theme but it helps to have the support of your friends and wedding party, too.

5. Everything Else Falls into Place

Before deciding on a theme, you were probably still on the fence about a lot of things. Silver, gold, or white Chiavari chairs? Hydrangeas or calla lilies for the centerpieces? Coral or mauve for wedding party dresses? Once you’ve chosen your theme, all the other wedding planning decisions will seem to fall into place. Your stress level will go down and the nitty gritty details will become easier, knowing you have the perfect theme.

6. Your Venue Doesn’t Need a Complete Makeover

If you’ve already chosen a venue, a significant sign that you’ve chosen the perfect wedding theme is if your venue doesn’t need a total makeover to match. If after you’ve decided on a theme, you’re noticing that you’re planning to cover the floors and walls and bring in new lighting, it might be time to reconsider the venue or theme. If your venue fits in with your chosen theme, you’ll probably only need subtle accentuating elements. When guests walk into your venue, they’ll absorb the entire ambiance and see the table decor, linens, and chairs first. Ensure these elements align with the overall style of your wedding to create that wow factor.

7. When You Know, You Know

Just like your relationship with your fiancé, when you know, you just know. There may have been an aha moment or perhaps more of a slow crawl toward the light at the end of the tunnel, but you’ll know your theme fits you and your spouse like a glove.

If you’re reading this article, more than likely you just can’t seem to decide on a wedding theme. If these signs didn’t resonate with you, it’s time to head back to your resources and explore other theme options.


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