Choose Wine Glasses

Choose Wine Glasses

Choose Wine Glasses

Choose Wine Glasses-So, let’s say you have chosen your wine rack and have begun to store your wine. What’s left?

Choosing the right stemware, of course!

Selecting the proper stemware is an important part of the wine drinking experience as you want to enjoy not only the flavors of the wine but the aromas as well.

We here at Wedding events have a fantastic collection of stemware & wine glasses to choose from.

From delicate mouth-blown crystal to recycled glass, we offer a fine range of stemware to enhance the enjoyment of your wine.

After all, the right glass of the right wine can make all the difference!

For one, served in a small and narrow tulip-shaped glass is white wine best. The reason for this narrow shape is that it helps to retain the chilled temperature at which white wine should ideally be served.

Red wine, on the other hand, is meant to be served at room temperature. As a result, the stemware recommended for red wine typically has a wider bowl with a taller stem.

This design will help it maintain a constant room temperature.

Lastly, sparkling wines, such as Champagne, are best served in narrow, festive flutes. This shape helps keep the champagne “bubbly” while emphasizing the spirit of celebration.

As there exists a vast variety of wines to choose from in the world. It is no surprise that there’s also a wide selection of stemware out there to pick from.

For example, Riedel sells over 200 different-shaped wine glasses. Such a selection is more than your average consumer needs so it is best to narrow your decision.

Do you drink reds more than whites? Do you only pop Champagne on New Year’s? What type of glass would look best with your decor?

Ask yourself these questions and more. Also, experiment a bit with different glasses and find what works best for you.

Once you’ve purchased your stemware, make sure to store it properly so you have it to enjoy for years to come!

We can design any of our wine racks to include a rack for stemware which makes it easy to organize your glasses along with your wine.

We also sell a handy Under Cabinet Wine Glass Rack that you can easily place in your kitchen or dining area.

From racks to stemware, can meet all your bar furniture needs!


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