The Perfect Cocktail Table

The Perfect Cocktail Table

The Perfect Cocktail Table

The Perfect Cocktail Table Choose-When renovating or decorating a living space, furniture is one of the essential key factors to keep in check. Furniture defines the aesthetic of a living place- giving it a unique and fulfilling touch. These factors combine to make a place look worthy, from tables to chairs, cushions, decoration pieces, and lighting. Safe to say, no lounge space is complete without a statement cocktail table. Well, where do you plan on placing your favorite décor pieces, coffee mugs, magazines, and remote controls, if not on a beautiful cocktail table?

However, there’s so much to consider when looking for the ideal cocktail side table for your living space. From its size, proportions, overall shape, and color to its material and ability to complement the existing furniture in the lounge area, a lot of factors need to be kept in mind.

Only when you’ve answered all these questions can you successfully hunt for the right cocktail table. Fret not because here are some helpful tips that will lead you to the cocktail table of your dreams!

Difference Between Cocktail Table and Coffee Tables

There are numerous minor differences between these two types of tables for all the hardcore furniture enthusiasts out there. Despite so much variety available in terms of shapes, cocktail tables were originally made in square or rectangular shapes.

  • They were increasingly popular during the 1920s and were used as end tables for the living room to place beverages, ashtrays, hold books, and accessories.
  • Originally high-top cocktail tables were usually used in formal gatherings and parties.

However, coffee tables were a bit from cocktail tables as they were primarily designed in round or oval shapes. Not only this, but since they originated from the Victorian times, these tables were relatively bigger and broader in size and had a low height.

Their low height and wide width gave them a subtle cozy look- perfect to be used as side tables or center tables. Due to their specific shape, Cocktail tables were designed to have a bolder appearance, while coffee tables were mainly delicate and had intricate designs.

Tea Tables

Not only this, but we also see tea tables featuring in the furniture market nowadays. Their origin can be traced back to the British era, where these tables were popularly used while hosting tea times. They served as small individual side tables for a single person for doing tea and other assortments. They are a bit higher in height as compared to cocktail and coffee tables.

Types Of Cocktail Tables

With so many shapes of cocktail tables to choose from, it can be hard to decide. Sofas and tables are like two peas in a pod; hence, the essential tip is to always go for something that complements the sofa style and shape. Instead of adding many different shapes and styles to your living space, go for something that fits in well and adds a touch of originality to your area.

  • Oval and Round Cocktail Tables

One of the most hot-selling cocktail table shapes is the round one. One of the main reasons round cocktail tables are preferred is because they make your living space look spacious and unique. There are various ways to style and decorate round cocktail tables. From placing statement decoration pieces to adding some potted plants and candles, the cocktail table décor ideas are endless.

  •  Round cocktail tables are perfect for hosting a casual meetup or gathering as it has a lot of space meaning you can easily place all your mugs and dishes on the round cocktail tabletop
  • Square Cocktail Tables

Rectangular and square cocktail tables are a timeless addition to any lounge space. If you’re a fan of minimalistic furniture, go for a cornered cocktail side table- simple yet a classic choice to opt for. Place a vase of flowers or a stack of books on it, and your perfect square cocktail table is ready. Not only this, but you can also use small square cocktail tables as a side table to decorate some corners of your house.

  • Square cocktail tables have a signature symmetrical look that makes them a practical choice as they also offer extra storage space beneath the surface.
  • Folding Cocktail Tables

Anything that can be folded or compact is always something convenient and practical. Folding cocktail tables are usually plywood cocktail tables or plastic cocktail tables. They can also be easily folded and put away in storage due to their compact shape and size. They can be used as extra side tables in case you’re hosting a large gathering or event. Folding cocktail tables can also be placed in the garden or balcony area.

  • Folding plastic cocktail tables are light in weight, so you can take them along when going out on a picnic or a trip to the beach.

Tips To Find The Ideal Cocktail Table

A lot of parameters contribute toward finding the perfect cocktail table for your living area. Whether your existing furniture is minimalistic or over-the-top, the shapes of your sofas, the space you need to fill in, the kind of cocktail table décor you’re aiming for. Without further ado, let’s help you find the right cocktail table.

Pay Attention To The Height

Height is one of the crucial factors of a coffee table to consider. If you have a huge space, it is best to go for something that has a low height, or else it’ll look weird. Moreover, the shape and height of your sofas will help you have a better idea about the table height. Having a cocktail table that’s too high or low might be a nightmare, so the best idea is to find a square or round cocktail table of the same height as your sofa or a bit lower than that.

Be Mindful About The Proportions

Apart from the height, the width and length of your cocktail side table are also significant. Firstly be sure whether you want a centerpiece or looking for side tables for the living room. In the case of a centerpiece, go for something bigger in size; however, if you’re getting cocktail side tables, you might want them in a smaller size.

The tip to remember is that your cocktail table must be two-thirds of your sofa’s length. A cocktail table that is too small and makes the place look empty is equally unimpressive as a table that is too big for the space.

Keep Your Requirements In Mind

Are you looking for a square cocktail table that has enough room to hold your lounge essentials, or you’re looking for a round cocktail table that is easy and fun to decorate? These are the questions you need to be sure of. Having a cocktail table for storing stuff is different than having one to decorate.

Make sure you purchase a piece that adds an element of coziness to your place. Go for something you think suits your needs. Another tip to keep in mind is whether or not you have kids around. If you do, you might not want to get a glass or marble top as they are fragile and sharp- not so kid-friendly. Invest in a piece you know will be worth the money.

If you’re looking for some compact and temporary ones, folding cocktail tables and plastic cocktail tables are ideal for you. As they are light in weight, you can quickly move them around for storage and traveling.

Consider The Material And Texture

Now that you know the dimensions and height of your cocktail side table, let’s jump to the central part. What kind of material or texture are you looking for? If you want something minimalistic and modern, then you might want to go for something in monochrome tones that is simple.

On the contrary, marble and glass are the best options if you’re looking for something a little fancy and well-designed. However, if you’re a fan of vintage furniture, something is wooden and classic; well, wood is your answer.

It all comes down to the feeling and theme you want your living space to give off. If you’re short on space, it’s best to go for a Lucite cocktail table. Just think about whether you would want to play around with the placement of your furniture, or it’ll be in one place permanently.

Notice The Visual Impact and Style

Glass cocktail tables look elegant and finessed to them, while marble tops look very aesthetically pleasing. If you have some simple tiled flooring, you might want to consider a cocktail table that adds life to your space and makes it stand out. For that purpose, you can always go for something that is vividly textured.

However, if you have some wooden flooring, you can go for something metallic in contrast or wooden if you’re looking for complimentary themes. The style of your cocktail table will have a strong visual impact which is why everything must be in balance and proportion. If you have sofas and long-leg chairs, you might want to go for a table with no legs or short chunky legs to avoid monotony.

Final Thoughts

Cocktail tables have that signature look that adds the most character to the place, making it complete and well decorated. With all these ideas and tips on board, you’ll have a foolproof experience finding the right cocktail table for your living area.


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