Metal Frame Chair Feature-Furniture Trends

Metal frame chair

Metal frame chair-We saw metal frames as a feature trending in Cologne and it’s continued in Milan.

Metal frame chair

Now, metal frames are nothing new, they’re popular in the contract market because they have certain benefits, outlined below, but now manufacturers are taking these benefits and making a design feature from them, providing function and desirability in one. They’re also available in decadent finishes including gold, rose gold & now titanium, which goes hand in hand with the trend for decadent comfort.

Benefits of metal frame chair

Metal is the strongest material; a welded joint is as strong as the metal itself and will not snap. Simple metalwork is also cheaper than wooden equivalents. Further, metal legs often have plywood or plastic molded shells screwed to them as a cost-effective solution. Metal chairs will also stack highest because the frame is thin & strong. Even better, painted metal also chips less than painted wood providing a longer-lasting finish.

Metal frames as a feature on chairs and tables

Here is a selection of the new chairs with this trend that we saw in Milan. Many are so new they’ve yet to be added to our website.

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