Cooling Down Summer Weddings 6 No-Sweat Tips

Cooling Down Summer Weddings 6 No-Sweat Tips

Don’t let your guests melt in the heat. Keep them cool with these simple solutions for taming the heat.

The one downside to spring and summer weddings is the inevitable heat. With more and more weddings being held outside, it is imperative that guests have realistic ways to stay comfortable on a hot day. Luckily, we’ve got a few cool tricks up our sleeves.

Cooling Down Summer Weddings

Hydration Station

Cool your guests off with a bountiful supply of refreshing, hydrating beverages. Create a beautiful beverage station that doubles as a decorative statement by simply filling a large glass dispenser with water and fresh citrus slices and wrapping individual coconut waters in cute color-coordinated papers and bows.

Go Green With Glass

Instead of creating more garbage with plastic cups, give your guests something a little more sustainable. By using adorable, refillable glass bottles at your hydration station, your guests not only have a fun, classy drinking option, but they’ll leave with a cute favor that is also friendly to the environment.

Keep It Breezy

Instead of making programs for each guest, just print the program right onto a handheld fan. Having cute, customized fans ensures each guest has a way to keep cool in the heat of the ceremony without ruining photos by rolling up whatever piece of paper they can find. Plus, printing programs on each fan cuts down on the cost and waste of supplying additional fans on top of programs.

Grab Some Shade

For a giant dose of cute and a win for hot guests everywhere, opt for color-coordinated parasols. Just place baskets with parasols throughout the space, and your sun-kissed guests will love you for it. Not to mention, everyone will be walking around looking like adorable little cocktails.

Fresh + Fancy Chilled Towels

To beat some serious heat, you may have to take a more drastic approach. Create chilled towels for guests by rolling up hand towels, soaking in a 1:1 mixture of witch hazel and water and freezing. On your big day, have someone deliver the chilled towels to guests. Your guests will be feeling fresh, fancy and perfectly chilled.

Put the Pop in Popsicle

For the ultimate cool-down beverage, garnish a glasses of champagne with popsicles. Just remember to have plenty of popsicles for the kiddos as well. We recommend using dry ice in a cooler to keep popsicles frozen until they are ready to be used.


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