Cushion Slipcovers Offer Color Choices

Cushion Slipcovers

Cushion Slipcovers-Having the right color cushions for your Chiavari chairs can mean the difference between booking an event and not.

But if your budget is tight and you can’t buy a whole new set of seat cushions, it can help. Slipcovers can transform your cushions’ look in a snap. The Chiavari Chair Company carries different color slipcovers that fit easily over wood base cushions, which are also known as panel cushions.

Cushion Slipcovers

The slipcovers come in ivory, white, black, brown and gold and are made of polyester. Custom colors also are available. Each slipcover has an elastic band sewn around the edge to keep it in place. The elastic tucks under the cushion and is out of sight during use. They come off just as easily and are a breeze to wash.

Cushion slipcovers offer an affordable way to give clients the color they want without breaking your budget.

Not only do the cushion slipcovers have different choices, but also the Chiavari chair has different materials and colors. Please click on this article to read: Which Chiavari Chair to Buy? Wood, Aluminum or Resin


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