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Invitation-Your wedding invitation suite will give your guests a glimpse into what to expect on your big day. It’s the perfect opportunity to hint at your wedding’s theme or overall aesthetic, along with sharing all of the pertinent details regarding your ceremony and reception. For some couples, it also means sharing welcome dinner or welcome party details, lodging options for those visiting from out-of-town, and any other information your guests will need to know.

If you’re planning a springtime wedding, it may mean you’re setting the tone with plenty of pastel hues and pretty, fresh blooms. It could also mean you’re channeling a moodier aesthetic or opting to host a modern soiree. Because spring celebrates the turning of the seasons, the options for sharing your wedding details wrapped up in a beautiful design are endless. And, no matter how you choose to design your invitations to fit the season accordingly, it will certainly help in setting the tone for you and your partner to say “I do.”

Ready to find ideas for your springtime suite? Read on for 20 of our favorite spring invitation ideas from real weddings.


01 Pair Gold and Botanicals


Hoping to incorporate florals without too much-added color? Opt for a gold and white color palette featuring illustrations of pretty botanicals. We love the hint of a vintage vibe this gorgeous design gives off!


02 Commission Custom Illustrations


Commission watercolor illustrations for an entirely vibrant design. This real wedding couple opted to have a custom crest added to their invitation design, paired with vibrant blooms and greenery.


03 Get Creative With Color


Don’t be afraid to get creative with your invitation suite. Subtle pastel hues certainly aren’t the only color option for a spring wedding! Look to bold fonts, subtle floral illustrations, and statement-making colors for a different option.


04 Accent With Florals

There’s no need to go overboard with florals if you don’t want to. Choose a beautifully scripted invitation and work with your designer to add just a hint of floral accents to bring the look together to celebrate spring.


05 Embrace Acrylic

Acrylic invitations give off such a lovely vibe, and this design makes it one notch further with pretty statement blooms. We love the floral illustrations of this suite, all done up in the most beautiful hues.


06 Showcase the Desert

Planning a wedding in the desert? Channel the beauty of cactus blooms. This invitation suite featured a subtle cactus design as a backdrop, paired with a pop of color from another type of cactus on the envelope interior. It even featured cute cactus stamps to match!


07 Choose Vibrant Blues

Make a statement for a seaside wedding. This suite featured moody blue invitations, but pairing it with a variety of pastel hues and watercolor designs to even things out made for a beautiful springtime look.


08 Illustrate Activities

A springtime destination wedding with plenty of activities calls for an informative invitation to match. Give all the details of your plans with darling illustrations, along with tropical leaves in a variety of hues to finish it off.


09 Make a Splash With Color

Pair abstract blooms with lovely watercolor designs and a bold pink envelope. This couple also chose to include a beautiful custom illustration in their invitation suite for a personalized touch. Better yet? It was foreshadowing the custom illustrated sketches guests would receive as favors on the big day!


10 Play With Pastels

Light blues, pinks, and neutral hues are perfect for spring. Bring this charming color palette into the mix with your invitation suite for a simple, seasonal design. We love the use of multiple shapes to make the design even more fun.


11 Celebrate With Spring Blooms

Of course, springtime means plenty of florals popping out of the ground. Embrace the color and charm of the season with a darling design featuring inserts full of dainty blooms and sprigs of greenery.


12 Take It to the Tropics

Planning an island party during the springtime months? Theme your wedding invitations to match! Feature tall, textured palm trees in pretty pastel hues to mark the season.


13 Wow With Wood

Play with texture when it comes to your invitation suite. While this design features a simple white backdrop with light-colored lettering, it was dressed up with a unique addition. The important details truly pop against a slate of wood with a beautiful velvet ribbon.


14 Make It Moody

There’s no reason you can’t opt for a moodier color palette when it comes to a springtime wedding. Look to greenery with hints of gold and a black background for great, unique contrast and a bit of a boho vibe.


15 Feature Butterflies

With an acrylic invitation, all the details are included in this suite in a beautiful way. It’s made all the more stunning by utilizing the back of one component to feature a springtime design with vibrant florals, hummingbirds, and butterflies.


16 Spring for Green

A light, pastel green is a beautiful hue for springtime as plants are coming back to life. Channel that color with a green and white invitation suite with unique patterns for added interest.


17 Go for Gold


Go for bold gold with a springtime vibe. This invitation suite featured gold foiling paired with a touch of whimsy thanks to an illustration featuring bees, butterflies, and lions holding a custom crest.


18 Keep It Simple


Not interested in bold, vibrant color for your invitation suite? Or, perhaps you haven’t nailed down your wedding’s color palette or aesthetic just yet? Keep it simple with a white backdrop and black font. Add a touch of elegance with a mixture of sans serif and calligraphed fonts.


19 Channel a Woodland Vibe


Make your invitation suite entirely whimsical to match a woodland wedding vibe. This design featured sweet florals paired with a unique couple’s illustration and a pop of bold, springtime green.


20 Opt for Elegance


If you’re planning to host an elegant, black-tie wedding, keep the theme with your wedding invitations. Springtime wedding invitations can take on so many different forms, and for this occasion, a white card with black calligraphy is the perfect fit.

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The above wedding invitation ideas if you like, please comment here. And the invitations are just the beginning of the wedding, maybe you want to refer to this article to make your wedding perfect:

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