7 Masculine wedding decor ideas

Masculine wedding decor ideas

A wedding is often planned with pastel tones, delicate textures, and pretty blooms — it’s not always the most masculine affair. Traditionally the big day is strictly ivory, white, and floral, but there is a growing shift towards alternative wedding decor. One of the most up-and-coming? Masculine wedding decor.

From dark neutrals to rustic accents and unique decor details, there’d myriad ways to incorporate a more masculine aesthetic into your big day. Let’s take a look at the hot trends for masculine weddings this year.

Masculine wedding decor ideas


Whatever venue you use for your big day, choosing cacti and succulents to decorate the aisle and reception area can help create a masculine, earthy vibe. Flowers are often at the heart of a wedding celebration, but that doesn’t mean always need to mean white lilies.

Reimagine traditional flowers by combining them with cacti for unique table decoration or let the desert dwellers speak for themselves. Accompany them with cement pots or sandstone planters to add texture and depth. They are perfect for any climate or location and — unlike traditional flowers — won’t be wilting by the end of the evening! If you want them to keep forever, you can always opt for fake cacti, too.


Incorporating the groom’s tastes into the cake is another great way of veering away from a more traditional wedding style. A white wedding cake was originally a representation of the bride as the main focal point – why not put a masculine spin on the traditional cake and incorporate darker tones or dried flowers?

A sports motif or other interest can make the cake become a real talking point during the day — minimalist cupcakes decorated with the groom’s favorite football team colors piled high on a 3-tier cake stand sounds like a home run.


A cocktail station or whiskey bar is another surefire way of including a masculine aesthetic in your wedding. Waiters could be on hand to serve guests the cocktail or mocktail of their choice or it could be a self-service area.

Create the perfect atmosphere for the bar with fake palms and luscious greenery backdrops, add a signature drink or cocktail to fit in with the theme of the day, and give your guests something to talk about.


Opt for minimalist tableware, using dark colors and textures to create a bold yet elegant place setting. Let crystal bud vases and hanging tube vases do the talking. For more of a wow factor, add beautiful golden lanterns with candles inside, grouped in various sizes. Smaller ones, such as pyramid candle holders — are perfect for guest tables, while dramatic blackened bronze candlesticks are perfect for the top table. Each brings an industrial vibe that is perfect for the masculine aesthetic we’re looking for.

As always, compliment with greenery, throw in some stems of artificial If things are becoming too minimalist then add in a bit of greenery — maybe some stems of artificial Thunberg spirea for a pop of color.


A masculine wedding doesn’t mean eliminating all feminine touches, it means adapting them.

Bouquets and bridesmaids’ headpieces can easily be altered to fit alternative wedding decor. Artificial eucalyptus bouquets for the bridesmaids give a perfect pared-down vibe and will look fresh from start to finish. Similarly, faux eucalyptus could be incorporated into the bridesmaids’ crowns. Suit buttonholes can be adorned with succulents, pine cones, or foliage — the male guests can rock their smart suits without fear of being laden down by a heavy pink boutonniere!


A wedding book has become a common addition to weddings, as a way of remembering lovely words from your guests on your special day.

A much more unique way of getting guests to put a mark on your wedding day is to get them to sign their names onto some polished smooth stones with a decorative pen. That way you’ll have a wonderful keepsake for your home as well as a reminder of your special day.


Give your table plans a rustic feel with a simple chalkboard set up with the guests’ names boldly set out. Incorporate your love of golf with golf balls and T’s on a bed of grass. Or how about wax stamped onto place cards for a luxe yet masculine vibe?

If hot wax sounds a bit too messy, there are adhesive seals available that look the part too.

Create your own masculine wedding

With the above tips, you’re well on your way to creating a laid-back, modern masculine wedding.


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