Winter Wedding Ideas That Will Matter into 2022

Winter Wedding Ideas That Will Matter into 2022

Picture an event tent, church, or barn against a landscape of gently falling snow. The quiet of the snowy landscape outside is broken by laughter and conversation. Suddenly, the music begins, and everyone stands up and turns their heads to see a bride walking down the aisle. There’s nothing quite as magical as a winter wedding for dramatic backdrops and warm, cherished memories.

A winter wedding takes a level of planning all its own. There are concerns you don’t have to think about any other time of year, and many décor trends that work any other season don’t translate well to winter. So, whether you’re planning for a wedding in December, a January wedding, or a February wedding, you have to keep certain things in mind.

Here’s an informative guide for couples or wedding planners who are helping a couple of prepare for a winter wedding. These tips can help you create a memorable wintertime event that everyone will love.

Winter Wedding Ideas

Winter Wedding Venues

Booking a wedding venue for the wintertime can be tricky. Many more traditional venues like churches and event halls are booked heavily during December, and they often take time off from booking events after the first of the year. One way to get around trying to book a difficult-to-acquire wedding venue is to keep it small and simple. Pare down your guest list and wedding party to create an intimate, extra-special event. Consider an at-home wedding or Livestream as an event where family and friends can watch from the comfort of home.

Consider other wedding venues as alternatives for a winter ceremony and reception. A winter tent wedding means that the sky’s the limit on where you can host your wedding, and the open space of a tent allows you to design the space any way you see fit. With the right heating and warm comfort food for the reception, you won’t have to worry about guests being cold. Décor like a winter wedding arch and other elements of seasonal style can fill a plain tent with wintry magic.

Barn weddings are particularly beautiful in the winter. More and more event spaces are converted barns, and the rustic charm can be both elegant and fun. Lighting and décor are key to a barn wedding — especially because winter days are shorter — and heating will be paramount. But many barn venues are blank canvases that allow you to make your own beautiful winter wedding memories.

Snowy Wedding Decor Ideas

The unique landscapes that winter offers afford you the opportunity to create a memorable and breathtaking wedding, especially if you’re brave and bold enough to have an outdoor wedding in the snow. The peaceful nature of falling snow or snow on the ground can become a lovely backdrop for your snow wedding. Incorporate twinkling lights and candles, and employ evergreen into the décor — after all, it’s plentiful this time of year. Muted color palettes and dried flowers translate well in the wintertime as well.

Winter weddings give you opportunities to take memorable snow wedding pictures. Take advantage of the dramatic winter landscape as a backdrop. Get creative: combine casual and fun shots of the wedding party in sweaters and snow boots with more formal photos. Take photos of the bride and groom bundled up together enjoying the moment and having fun with wintertime activities like sledding and throwing snowballs. Don’t forget festive and fun photo booth props for guests and the reception.

What Are Winter Colors for Weddings?

Winter weddings mean that most traditional wedding colors are out the window. Pastels and bright colors that are perfect in spring and summer won’t fly in wintertime. For winter wedding colors, think of rich hues and bold contrasts with whites and neutrals. A blue winter wedding may sound like a cliché, but it can be a classic look that’s timeless, or think of it as an opportunity to decorate like a royal blue winter wonderland wedding — like something out of a fairytale. And then there’s also the classic look of a red Christmas wedding.

Gold is always a color that complements white and wintry landscapes well. You can pair it with neutrals or with deep reds. Navy blue and a pastel-like peach match well together too. Emerald greens and dusty browns are classy options for natural shades. Or opt for an exotic Moroccan blue for a uniquely rich touch. A winter wedding provides you the opportunity for a one-of-a-kind color scheme.

One of the best things about planning a winter wedding is that you don’t have to do it alone. When you partner with Wedding Events, creative inspiration, and ideas like the ones you just read abound. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for something traditional or a wedding that’s more modern and innovative, we can help you prepare the wedding furniture.

So what are you waiting for? Let Wedding Events help you plan your magical and memorable winter wedding today.


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