Metal is Great for Restaurant Furniture

Metal is Great for Restaurant Furniture

One of the most widely used and most popular choices for material in the manufacture of restaurant furniture is metal.  Why so popular?  Read on for some of the simple answers you need when considering purchasing furniture for your restaurant.

Metal is Great for Restaurant Furniture

1. Metal is durable

Metal restaurant furniture is extremely durable. And it is manufactured from many different types of metals. Such as stainless steel, chrome, anodized aluminum, or cast aluminum.  When welded joints are used on metal restaurant chairs or barstools, this can increase their durability.  Welded joints hold together much better than joints that are bolted together.  Metal chairs with a bolt and nut to secure the joints, even when using a lock washer, are harder to maintain, and are normally found in metal chairs for home use.  A final note on the durability of metal chairs is that oftentimes, the finish on metal chairs will last much longer than on wood chairs.

2. Metal can be used indoors or outdoors

Numerous metal restaurant tables, chairs and barstools are manufactured for indoor and outdoor use.  A new trend in some restaurants is sliding restaurant garage style or sliding glass doors that open, or create indoor/outdoor spaces that may be partially covered.  Metal furniture is ideal for these applications since it can stand up to outdoor elements and still maintain its durability.

3. Metal can be lightweight

A lot of metal restaurant furniture, especially designed for outdoor use, is lightweight.  Even though metal furniture is lightweight, it can still be extremely durable.  Why would a restaurant want lightweight furniture?  Lightweight restaurant tables, bases, chairs and barstools are easier to transport.  This makes furniture ideal for outdoor applications where the tables may be moved more often for storage, or for any restaurant application where customers may want to move tables together to form bigger or smaller seating groups.  This is more efficient for restaurants because groups of smaller tables can easily and quickly be put together to form a large table, instead of purchasing large tables.

4. Metal furniture offers a variety

One of the greatest advantages of purchasing metal restaurant furniture is that there are a wide variety of options available.  Metal restaurant chairs and barstools are available in a vast array of different colored vinyl seats and many different stain colors on wood seats.  The options and choices in back designs are almost limitless.  Many metal outdoor furniture options are available with matching tables, bases, chairs, and barstools making it easy to design a perfect patio.

5. Metal restaurant furniture is economical

Metal restaurant furniture is available in many budget-friendly options. There are many economical choices in all furniture categories, including tables, bases, bar stools and chairs.  And it is made from many different types of materials such as stainless steel, chrome, anodized aluminum, or cast aluminum, and all can be made into furniture products to fit almost every budget.

Metal restaurant furniture is durable, lightweight and economical, can be used indoors or outdoors, and offers a variety of choices.  Restaurant business owners can see why metal is such a popular choice when shopping for restaurant furniture.


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