Problems to avoid at outdoor wedding venues

At outdoor wedding venues

3 HUGE Problems to Avoid at Outdoor Wedding Venues

Some of the most spectacular wedding venues available are entirely outdoors. While you’re visiting potential sites, it’s essential to do your homework and keep notes of some critical elements not always brought up during the sales process. Below are some potential issues to avoid if you’re considering outdoor wedding venues.

At outdoor wedding venues

Hidden Costs

Selecting sites can be a headache if the site’s management is not upfront and transparent about all the costs associated with having a successful wedding. While showing you the venue and images of past weddings, they may gloss over details. Including the extra amenities needed to be rented—at the client’s expense. Important items to note that are not always common with outdoor sites include restrooms, kitchens, and electricity. Make sure you understand if your venue includes these items. And if they don’t, what has been done in the past to provide these amenities, and at what cost.


The Elements

You may have every detail of your wedding planned to a tee. But if you don’t account for Mother Nature, your plans may be ruined. The most common backup plan that couples consider would be a “rain plan,” but depending on the time of year and location. You may need to consider other forces of nature such as wind or heat. Don’t fret—weddings have been held and successfully executed at your venue in the past. And all you need to do is talk to a trusted planner about how to remedy potential weather issues so you can stick to your original plan.


Uninvited Guests

Squatters may not be the worst thing to look out for at a large outdoor venue. Some other uninvited guests that may cause issues include birds, mosquitos, and other pests. Pay close attention to the time of year and the natural environment surrounding your outdoor venue and plan accordingly for the comfort of your guests. Preparation may include putting out mosquito repellent, wasp traps, or other remedies to avoid any unfortunate situations.

You may be lucky and not have to handle any of these potential problems during your planning process. But it is better to be aware of all outcomes and be as best prepared as possible. Please consult with your planner about any concerns you may have. Or ask for advice based on problems and successes from past events they have produced to educate yourself about the pros and cons of any site you’re visiting.


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