The Shape Of Bar Counter

The Shape Of Bar Counter

The Shape Of Bar Counter

The Shape Of Bar Counter -Choosing the shape is one of the most important things when designing a commercial bar counter.


Today I want to introduce different bar counter shapes and their applications.


1. The straight bar counter.

The straight bar counter is very simple and there is no 2 side parts makes it convenient for people to walk through. It is widely used for party, wedding event rental, business party, small restaurant, airport restaurant, bar lounge, etc. For party use, it won’t be very long since it needs to be moved frequently. Mostly used material is wood, HPL, plastic or acrylic.

The Shape Of Bar Counter

2. L bar counter

Most customers and designers would choose this shape. It has one more side on the left or right to serve more people. As to another side, put it against the wall or be empty for bartenders.

The Shape Of Bar Counter

3. Rectangular U bar counter.

This kind of bar counter is used for large bar or restaurant because it can serve more people on 3 sides. The empty side is designed for a wine rack and cabinet.

The Shape Of Bar Counter

4. Completely square or rectangular bar counter

It is also for larger bar clubs or discos. When designing this shape, we should leave a small space for waitresses to walk through.

The Shape Of Bar Counter

5. The circle shape bar counter

Its application is similar to the straight bar counter, but the appearance features more unique.

6. Semicircle bar counter

It’s similar to the U shape bar counter and is also placed against the cabinet and wine rack display.

7. Completely circle bar counter

It’s usually put in the center of the pub, bar club or disco. Many people can sit around. Some cool lighting designs could be added to the surface.

Besides if there are also some special shapes for the bar counter, if you want to design a unique commercial bar counter please contact us Wedding events, our designer will supply the best solution for you.


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