The use of wedding goblets

The use of wedding goblets

The use of wedding goblets-

The use of wedding goblets

1. Different glasses

Red wine: a wide-mouth vertical thick cup of white wine

Wine: Tulip goblet

Whisky: upright short cup

Sherry: a slender flute shaped cup

Porter: a tulip-shaped goblet just in full bloom

And test tube cups, triangle cups

2. Goblet classification

(1)A slender flute shaped Shirley cup is a glass of champagne

(2)If the cup is like a dish, it also drinks champagne

(3)A hemispherical goblet is a red wine glass

(4)The tulip-shaped goblet in the bud is a white wine glass

(5)The tulip-shaped goblet just in full bloom is Porter’s glass

(6)A funnel-shaped goblet is a brandy glass

(7)Short foot big belly cup is a water cup

(8)A small white wine cup like our country is called a baijiu

(9)It’s like a test tube. It’s used to drink cocktails

3. usage method

Straight glasses for beer and goblets for wine.

The red and white wines are different. The glass is slightly different, but they all require a thin goblet. What dampen the spirits? Baijiu wine is the best way to avoid touching the cup directly. The best temperature to drink is about 18 degrees Celsius.

The wine is high and the liquor is low. If the palm is covered with the cup, it will kill the scenery. There is a general rule for the use of glass, that is, whether it is red or Baijiu, the goblet must be transparent.

As the color of the wine is a part of wine tasting like drinking and smelling wine, it has always been an important standard for judging the quality of the wine.

The use of colored glasses will affect the judgment of the color of the wine itself. The purpose of using the goblet is to control the hand, so as to avoid the direct contact of the hand with the cup belly and affect the temperature of the wine. Hold the cup neck with your thumb, index finger, and middle finger, and never hold the cup body.

In this way, you can fully appreciate the color of the wine, and the heat emitted by your palm will not affect the best drinking temperature of the wine.

The method as follow:

(1) Clamp the goblet between the index finger and middle finger, the other fingers bend inward naturally, and the thumb can also gently protect three-quarters of the cup. This method is more gentlemanly.

(2) Normally, gently hold three-quarters of the cup with your thumb and index finger, and the tiger’s mouth is facing the cup and column. This method is relatively general.

(3) Hold half or less of the goblet column, and the other fingers will naturally hold it gently. This method is flattering and suitable for women.

4. Cup position

(1) When drinking red wine, you should gently twist the foot of the goblet with three fingers, or someone can simply hold the foot of the goblet, but pay attention not to hold the belly of the goblet with the palm of your hand, because the temperature on your hand will destroy the taste of the wine in the goblet.

(2) The brandy cup is just the opposite because the short foot makes people hold the glass with their palms. With the help of the temperature on their palm, the aroma of brandy can better volatilize.

(3) When toasting, hold the bottom of the cup foot with your thumb, ring finger, and little finger, hold the cup foot with your middle finger, gently put your fingers on the connection between the cup foot and the wine cup, and stretch your fingers as straight as possible to show a beautiful posture.

(4) As for the cone-shaped cocktail glass, I think it is because, in addition to drinking, it also depends on the layered color of the wine. The temperature on the hand may destroy the specific gravity of different wines, so it should be made into a high foot. Of course, the slender body of the champagne glass is used to see bubbles.

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