Tips for Ceremony Chair

Tips for Ceremony Chair

There are several ways to set up ceremony chairs but the three most common we set up are straight rows, curved rows and ceremony in the round.

Tips for Ceremony Chair
For straight rows you want to have a uniform number of chairs per row – so even with 120 guests, you’d want 128 chairs to ensure each row has a matching number.
Sometimes your guests leave an empty seat, so having a few extra chairs is a good plan to ensure no one is left standing.
Curved rows require more space since each row has more chairs than the row in front of it.
Ceremony in the round allows guests to create a circle around the couple as they wedding. So you want to ensure aspects of the ceremony address different directions so all guests feel included.
Don’t forget your musicians! You always want to count your musicians into your ceremony chair count so their chairs match the guests’ chairs.
Special seating for the parents and grandparents of the groom is reserved in the front row(s) of your ceremony. Then you can determine if you’d like the rest of the guest seating to be open, or if you prefer your ushers’ to seat guests on a specific side.

Creating a focal point for your ceremony space will help anchor it,

making it more aesthetically pleasing and better to photograph. This can be a naturally existing element like a tree or shrubbery, or you can add a focal point like an arch or chuppah to anchor your space.
Guest should be kept in mind when setting up any ceremony chairs. For Chiavari Chairs, the ideal spacing between chairs is 7.5 inches to allow elbow room. There should also be enough room between rows, for guests to walk past comfortably, even with other guests seated. Missing this step can waste a lot of time or end up with irritated guests.


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