Arrange tables for wedding

Arrange tables for wedding

We provide many different types of tables, including acrylic dining tables, communal tables, farm tables, farm table bistros, and many more! Whether traditional guest seating or more cocktail-style, chances are you will see one of these tables at an event of any size!

Acrylic tables

Arrange tables for wedding

Let’s start with our acrylic dining tables. These acrylic tables are 8’ in length, giving you plenty of room to seat 8 to 10 guests. The width is 42”, giving great space for place settings and centerpieces. The clean lines give it a modern feel with an element of glam! This table pairs beautifully with our Louis pop chair or ghost chair. This specialty table can also be customized for your specific event. Your options for customization are endless!

Bistro tables

Arrange tables for wedding

You can find the next table at almost any wedding or social event. Bistros are a popular table because they are smaller and can be placed strategically to provide additional surfaces places for your guests to “perch”. You will often find these tables near the dancefloor or bar as they are great for socialization and mingling for your guests. Using solid or patterned linen on your bistro tables is a fun way to make them stand out and bring together your event design!

Arrange tables for wedding

Another great option is our white wood communal table. It is 8’ in length so it can be used as additional guest seating without having to use a standard banquet table and chairs. The table height is the same as that of a bistro table, 42”, allowing you to incorporate barstool seating. These tables look great framing a dancefloor or along the perimeter of your event space!

Farm tables

Arrange tables for wedding

Let’s talk about farm tables! These wooden tables are very popular among our brides and clients looking for a specialty table versus a table with linen. Available in four sizes; square 36”x36”, 6’ rectangle, 7’ rectangle, and an 8’ rectangle. We are certain you will be able to find a size that is perfect for your table needs.

We love to see the farm tables at events of any size, from small dinner parties to large weddings! Farm tables are a beautiful option for guest seating. You can even mix them in with tables with linen! The wood texture and rich stain bring warmth to the design of your event. Pairs nicely with our oakwood cross-back chairs and upholstered Louis chairs.

We have a large table inventory and many different table options to choose from when planning your event! As always, if you are in need of rentals for any event, reach out to us! We would love to work with you!


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