Ways to Use Cocktail Tables Besides Cocktails

Ways to Use Cocktail Tables Besides Cocktails

Cocktail tables sometimes earn not-so-wholesome reputations. At first mention, the tall tables conjure images of noisy, smoky nightclubs. However, cocktail tables are actually one of the most versatile and useful pieces of furniture. Check out these other uses for cocktail tables.

Ways to Use Cocktail Tables

Other Uses For Cocktail Tables

Let’s Get Together:

Singles events are a great way to use cocktail tables. These tables add a touch of class to any event. Using cocktail tables can be a great way to compel people to meet and socialize in small groups by encouraging intimacy.

Before Or After:

A cocktail table is a great choice for pre- or post-event gatherings, such as graduations. The tables are small and portable to allow for interesting or unusual arrangements that allow for guests to circulate at gatherings.

Great for Networking:

In the same way, they can be a great addition to business networking events. While cocktail tables can accommodate chairs, they can stand alone.

Focus on the Stage:

Cocktail tables are useful for events where the goal is to keep the focus on a speaker or a specific group of people. If a events showcase stage performers, cocktail tables are the ideal choice. Rather than large groups of people talking at other types of tables, two or three people can be grouped at the smaller cocktail tables to direct focus on the center of attention.

Coffees or Brunches:

The versatility of cocktail tables creates a lighter, more relaxed tone for coffee hour and light-brunch events.  For brief daytime occasions, cocktail tables can be lifesavers. The tables convey a sense of lightness and brevity.

Stand Up:

Prolonged sitting may help foster harmful health conditions. The tall tables offer guests a socially acceptable way of taking advantage of healthy postures.

Where To Get Cocktail Tables

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