The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your Wedding Date

Choosing Your Wedding Date

When it comes to planning, the first major step is to set a special date! From what to consider to how to brainstorm, here are our tips on making your date official

Yes! You’re engaged and the time finally comes to think about taking the steps towards your once-in-a-lifetime wedding–but where do you start? Deciding on that special date is one of the most exciting steps of the process because it adds that goal that leads to the beginning of this new beautiful step of your life. We know that there are many factors to consider when choosing your wedding date, but here is our tried-and-true guide to finding a date that perfectly fits your very own love story.

Choosing Your Wedding Date

Brainstorm any dates that are symbolic to you

Whether you’re thinking about the day you first met, your grandparents’ anniversary or just a day that you two have a special place in your hearts–starting off your brainstorming by finding special dates in your lives is a sentimental place to start. If you end up aligning one of these special dates with your own wedding, it will be an absolutely heartwarming detail of your special day.

Choose a season that speaks to you

We all know that weather doesn’t only impact your wedding’s vibe and area, but also your own mood! Think about the season that speaks to you and your love, then chose a month accordingly. If you have a wild and free boho feel, we see you celebrating during a warm summer evening. If you live for bundling up in cozy blankets and rich colors, maybe opt for a winter wedding!


Remember the holidays

Another thing to keep in mind is to weigh the pros and cons of having a wedding on a holiday weekend. You can bet that your accommodations will be a little more expensive during those weekends, but a long weekend may also make it easier for any out-of-town guests to make the wedding.

Think about how long you want your engagement to be

There are definite pros and cons to shorter and longer engagements–but it really just depends on the type of person that you are! If you and your love want to get married right away, just know you’ll probably have to power through your wedding decisions and maybe not have all of the venue (or vendors) that you’ve always wanted. With a long engagement, you might be waiting for a while, but you will have the time to smooth out all of the plans, from the venue to the getaway car to the honeymoon.


If one particular vendor or venue is the absolute priority, consult with them first!

If you have a photographer, videographer, or venue that you absolutely couldn’t imagine your special date without, consult with them after you have a feel for a couple of dates that work for you two.


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