Where To Rent A Wedding Arch?

Where to rent a wedding arch?

Finding the Perfect Wedding Arch

A wedding arch serves as a focal point for your ceremony, symbolizing the home and life you will build together. Whether you envision a simple and rustic or an elaborate and floral-decorated arch, finding the right rental can transform your wedding space into a picturesque setting. This blog explores various options for wedding arches and provides insights into pricing to help you make an informed decision.

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Where To Rent A Wedding Arch

Wedding Arch

The wedding arch is not just a backdrop for your vows; it’s a canvas that captures the essence of your love and commitment. Choosing the right arch is crucial, as it often becomes one of the most memorable features of your wedding.

Types of Wedding Arches

Wedding arches come in various styles and materials:

Wooden Arches:

Ideal for rustic or bohemian-themed weddings.

Metal Arches:

Perfect for sleek, modern ceremonies.

Floral Arches:

Covered with flowers and greenery for a romantic setting.

Fabric Arches:

Draped with fabrics for a soft, elegant look.

Rental Companies

Here are some popular options for renting a wedding arch:

Local Wedding Planners and Event Rental Services

These providers typically offer a range of styles and can include setup and breakdown services.

National Rental Chains like Rent-a-Center or Aaron’s

They often have basic arches that can be customized with your own decor.

Specialized Wedding Decor Companies

Companies such as WeddingWire or The Knot provide listings of local vendors that offer more elaborate and decorative arches.

Cost Analysis

Rental prices for wedding arches vary based on style, material, and complexity:

  • Simple Wooden or Metal Arches: $50 to $150 per day.
  • Elaborately Designed Arches (including floral or fabric decorations): $200 to $600 per day, depending on the intricacy and the types of flowers or materials used.

DIY Wedding Arch Ideas

For those who prefer a more hands-on approach or want to save money, building your own wedding arch is a viable option. Purchase basic materials from a hardware store:

  • Simple Wood or PVC frame: Approximately $20 to $50.
  • Decorations (fabric, artificial flowers, etc.): $50 to $100, depending on quality and quantity.

Customization Options

Most rental companies allow for some degree of customization. Consider these ideas to make your arch unique:

Color Coordination:

Match the arch’s decor with your wedding palette.


Add fairy lights or lanterns for an evening ceremony.

Personal Touches:

Incorporate items that are significant to your relationship, such as family heirlooms or symbolic ornaments.


Choosing the right wedding arch and rental service can enhance your ceremony’s aesthetic and make your wedding day even more special. Be sure to consider the style of your wedding, the level of customization you desire, and your budget when selecting an arch. With the right preparation, your wedding arch will not only frame your ceremony but also echo the beauty of your union.


How far in advance should I book a wedding arch?

It’s best to book at least 3 to 6 months in advance, especially if you’re getting married during peak wedding season.

Can I rent a wedding arch for an outdoor ceremony?

Yes, most rental companies offer arches that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Ensure they are sturdy enough to withstand the elements.

Is delivery included in the rental price?

This varies by company. Always ask if there are additional charges for delivery, setup, and breakdown.

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