Baby Shower Styling Ideas and Inspiration

Baby Shower Styling Ideas and Inspiration

Baby Shower Styling Ideas and Inspiration

Baby Shower Styling Ideas and Inspiration-Planning a baby shower is a beautiful way to celebrate an upcoming mum-to-be. But when it comes to organizing the perfect baby shower, where should you begin?

From theming and decor to games and activities, we have plenty of ideas to help you throw a memorable, love-filled celebration. Read on for our tips on styling a beautiful baby shower, and some visual inspiration to help you on your way!

Decide On a Baby Shower Theme

Having a theme or general “vibe” in mind will make it much easier to choose furniture, decor and styling details for your event.

When it comes to baby shower theme ideas, try to draw some inspiration from the mum-to-be. Would she prefer something festive and fun? Elegant and classy? Rustic and bohemian? Be inspired by her style to create a baby shower that reflects her personality.

Remember, baby showers are usually centred around food, games and gift opening, so a leisurely brunch, long lunch or afternoon tea are all great options.

Once the overall theme has been decided, use this to create a cohesive colour palette that represents your vision. For example blush pink, lilac and gold details would be perfect for an elegant high tea, while earthy tones and rustic timbers would work beautifully for a bohemian feel. We always suggest choosing 1-2 base colours and 2-3 accent colours to create a harmonious look that doesn’t overwhelm the space.

Choose Your Baby Shower Venue

Next, you’ll want to find the perfect baby shower venue. Again, be inspired by your theme for the day to help you choose a suitable location. For example, a classy restaurant would be perfect for a more high-end event, while a private backyard or secluded garden would work well for a more relaxed setting. Get in touch with our team for our baby shower venue recommendations!

Baby Shower Decor and Styling

Now, you’ll want to think about using decor and styling details to bring your theme to life! Consider the following elements to help you pull together the perfect baby shower:

  • Furniture. Long wooden tables, dining chairs and market umbrellas work beautifully for a sit-down meal – or, opt for layered rugs, scattered cushions and low tables for a picnic-style celebration. You may also want to incorporate a special chair for the mum-to-be when she opens gifts from her guests. If you’re planning a cocktail event, consider some scattered dry bars, stools and a relaxed lounge area to keep your guests comfortable.

  • Decor. Add a pop of colour with floral arrangements or balloon installations. Custom signage and bespoke stationery will also help to elevate your styling and personalise the event.

  • Tableware. For a sit-down meal, think about the finer details like vases, candles, glassware, crockery and cutlery to tie everything together. Our linen napkins and coloured glassware are always popular choices for baby shower celebrations.

  • Photo opportunity. It goes without saying that guests will want to snap a photo with the mum-to-be! Create the perfect photo moment with one of our modern backdrops or make a statement with our Havana swing.


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