Style of Restaurant Barstool

Style of Restaurant Barstool

Style of Restaurant Barstool-What kinds of restaurants need barstools? Some restaurant styles that come immediately to mind are taverns, cocktail lounges and sports bars. Diner-style restaurants with long counters need short, swivel-style barstools. Many restaurants with a large dining area also feature a separate bar area where barstools are used. The types of restaurants using barstool seating are limitless. This article covers some basic information about commercial barstools. Restaurant bar stools are often sorted into three categories: metal frame barstools, wood frame barstools, and backless barstools

Commercial barstools are manufactured from a variety of materials, but two of the main materials they are consistently manufactured from are metal and wood. Both wood frame and metal frame barstools come in a wide price range so there are options in either category for the budget of any business. Barstools are available in various heights such as table or dining and bar height. Restaurant barstools are available with or without swivels and with backs or backless.

1. Metal Frame Barstools

Metal frame barstools feature a variety of metal frame color options and usually feature either wood or padded vinyl seat. Because of the wide variety of metal frame colors, and the limitless designs and colors of the seats and backs. There is a barstool option that will work in almost any seating area. Metal frame barstools for indoor use are usually manufactured from powder-coated steel. Or they can also be manufactured from chrome, which is plated steel. Outdoor restaurant barstools are often manufactured from lightweight aluminum which makes them easy to move and perfect for use on an outdoor patio.

2. Wood Frame Barstools

Commercial wood barstools can be manufactured from many types of wood, with beech wood being one of the most popular and durable frame options. Wood frame barstools usually feature seats that are either wood, padded vinyl or upholstered. The warm tones of wood barstools enhance any restaurant or business setting in which they are used. The choices of many wood stain options such as mahogany, walnut, natural, and oak, just to name a few accentuate the colors of the space they inhabit. Just as with the metal barstools, the seat and back vinyl, upholstery and wood options are available in a limitless color palette making them easy to match to the décor of any business.

3. Backless Barstools

Backless barstools are very useful in a variety of settings. And it can come with a variety of accents, such as wood with wood seats, wood with padded seats, or metal with vinyl padded seats. Backless barstools are available in heights anywhere from 18 inches to 31 inches, with the most common heights being 18 inches, 24 inches, or 30 inches. Backless barstools are normally placed at a long bar or countertop style dining area. They are easy to group into different configurations as the barstool backs don’t get in the way. There are many contemporary design options for backless barstools.


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