Bars, Bars, Bars!

Bars, Bars, Bars!

There is one bar at the wedding we all know and love but today’s new wedding trend is to have TWO bars! What’s better than that!? One of the best things about these bars is not only are they a fun twist on your wedding but they can double as a favor for your guests. Doubling as a favor will save you money making it an affordable and unique addition to any event. What person doesn’t love something yummy to enjoy during and after a fun event? These bars can be made up of anything you love! Bars can be created to fit your theme, color scheme, and favorite sweet. These bars are not just for weddings; they are popular at birthday parties, bridal showers, baby showers, wedding after parties, and even graduation parties.


The number of different types of bars is endless but some of the most popular include:

  • Candy Bar- choose your favorite candy or we can order different types of candy to match your color scheme!

  • Dessert Bar- who doesn’t love dessert!? Pick a variety of different desserts, there will be something for everybody!

  • S’mores Bar- keep it traditional or mix it up! Your guests will want to try every flavor!

  • Donut Bar- if any of your guests don’t like donuts they shouldn’t be your friend, seriously!? Various flavors of donuts will be a great addition to the event!

  • Popcorn Bar- perfect for a carnival or rustic-themed event! Plus popcorn is a very affordable treat your guests are bound to love! Not to mention the variety of different flavors is endless!

  • Hot Chocolate Bar- warm up a winter wonderland wedding or outdoor event with this delicious beverage station that everybody is going to love!

  • Candy Apple Station-perfect for a fall-themed wedding, your guests will get to create their very own candy apple with all of their favorite toppings!

  • Taco Bar- perfect for a wedding after-party when everybody gets hungry after all the drinking and dancing, we promise it will be greatly appreciated by all of your guests!

  • Mimosa Bar- perfect addition to a bridal shower or brunch, we can create flavors we are sure your guests have never tried before!

Any of these bars can be customized to any event! The options are endless and your guests will be raving about this to everybody they know.


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