How to Create a Subtly Spooky October Wedding

How to Create a Subtly Spooky October Wedding

Whether you’re getting married in the fall and want to incorporate the season, or are a Halloween fanatic use the Creative Ambiance Events guide below to create a subtly spooky October wedding.

Subtly Spooky October Wedding

Use Dark and Rich Colors

By using colors such as burgundy, cinnamon, teal, plum, and hunter green, you will bring the breathtaking colors of the season into your ceremony and reception. Dark colors can be romantic, just think of the colors of red wine, rose petals, and velvet.

Mix Textures

Speaking of velvet and petals, mixing textures will excite your guests’ eyes and sense of touch! Think warm and cozy like your favorite sweater by incorporating velvet. Add in a touch of delicate romance with lace, or a rustic vibe with leather!

Bring the Outside In

If you don’t want to brave the chilly weather outside, you can bring the beauty of nature inside with living, or artificial twigs, branches, leaves, and succulents. These fun and seasonal components will make your floral arrangements, centerpieces, and decor elements pop! For an even more chilling effect, try using dried flowers!

“Till Death Do us Part”

It’s right there in your vows, “‘till death we do part”. You can incorporate this theme of undying love in your ceremony by customizing signs, seating charts, menus, invitations, or even your wardrobe! The possibilities are endless as to what you can customize, but whatever you choose, our in-house lettering specialist can bring your vision to life!

Blacks Can be Romantic

Don’t be scared to incorporate black into your color scheme! Black is a staple color of many classic brands and events and can add depth and dimension to your color scheme and tablescape. Black creates contrast and excites the eye while incorporating the season in a tasteful manner.

Use vintage silver or bronze

Goodbye rose gold, it’s a spooky season now and we want to see some vintage silver to add a hint of elegance and mystery to your wedding. If you want to take a more modern approach try using bronze metallic accents, to draw in the color of pumpkins and changing leaves to your special day.

Incorporate Scent

We’ve covered ways to excite your guests’ sense of sight and touch, but what about scent? Incorporate scents of the season to create a romantic ambiance and a soft glow with seasonally scented candles. If you don’t want an open flame try wax melts or room spray to truly add to the overall experience.

Add Flavors of the Season to Your Menu

To bring the theme full circle add seasonal ingredients to your menu so your guests can taste the season! These flavors can be sweet or savory, think apple cider donuts, butternut squash risotto, or roasted pumpkin soup. Speak with your caterer for their unique take on how to incorporate the season’s rich flavors.

Spooky Custom Cocktail

Most couples chose to do a custom cocktail at their receptions now, so incorporate your fall theme in a BOOsy way! It could be as simple as apple cider mimosas, or more extravagant like a caramel apple Moscow Mule. Based on your budget, your bartender should be able to help you choose the perfect drink for your theme and your budget!

Smoke & Fog

Truly set the scene with some romantic fog or smoke bombs in your photos or on the dance floor. If you use colored smoke bombs in photos, be careful not to stain your wardrobe, but we promise the result is SO worth it!

Check out some of our favorite Fall/Halloween wedding trends on our Pinterest, and let us know which of these ideas you would love to incorporate into your wedding!


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