Create Lounge at Wedding

Create Lounge at Wedding

One of the hottest trends in weddings right now is creating a wedding lounge. There are many different reasons why wedding lounges are perfect for many couples. It gives attendees a place to gather and have a quiet conversation. It also gives people space where they can escape for a few minutes from the hustle of the reception area. It is perfect for couples who choose to let friends and family bring children to the reception because they usually have a little more room to roam. Additionally, they can be an excellent addition for couples who are intermingling two families for the first time. Setting up a wedding lounge can be easy when you buy wedding furniture.

Create Lounge at Wedding

Offer Comfortable Seating

Think about the different categories of people who will be attending your ceremony, and offer each of them a comfortable place to sit. For example, you might want to include some pillows and floor seating for children, loveseats, and sofas for couples, and seating that is easy to rise from for older adults.

Choose Mood Lighting

Most couples choose quiet lighting for their wedding lounge as people go into the room to relax from the hustle and bustle of your wedding reception. You may want to set the mood of the area with candles, a chandelier, lamps, or fairy lights. Make sure that if there are any areas where guests might trip and fall that you have these areas well lit.

Use a Variety of Tables

You will want to incorporate a variety of tables into your wedding lounge area. You might want to position one where guests enter the area where they can leave things they do not want to bother carrying. Consider placing others in the middle of a grouping of chairs to create a conversation area. If you invite children, then put a couple off on the side where they have a quiet place to color or play with other toys.

Employ Flowers

You do not have to decorate your wedding lounge to the extent you will want to your reception area. You will still want to scatter some decorations around the room. Potted plants are a great way to accessorize the area, and you can give them to people who have done you favors after the wedding is over. You may also want to put some in vases to place on different tables in your wedding lounge area.

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