The Gold Wedding Sofa

The Gold Wedding Sofa

The Gold Wedding Sofa

The Gold Wedding sofa is a perfect way to decorate the head table for your wedding or engagement.

The Luxury gold wedding set is an opulent feature with ivory leather seating and crystal diamond buckles.

Hired the gold wedding sofa on its own or alongside the two armchairs for the complete set.

We can of course hire this beautiful item with our other decor items such as the Luxury panel Chandelier backdrop with led lights and romantic uplighting.

So what are the uses for a sofa on your wedding day or engagement?

Well, as you can see the impact of the sofa on your guests when they enter the room is obvious, the sofa gets an immediate gasp of oohs and ahh’s and that is the perfect sound to have when your guests enter your wedding room. It is different from your average standard boring wedding.

The next reason to have a wedding sofa for the big day is that it acts as a perfect photo opportunity for you and your guests.

After all, you have spent the best part of a year preparing for this day, your friends know it, and they all come prepared to share the day with you alongside their iPhones, iPads, cameras and DSLRs. So it is important to get the right backdrop and background to fit with all of the flashing cameras and happy guests.

The third reason is that it adds to the decor, having a luxury sofa set is an easy purchase for a wedding, it becomes a centerpiece in itself.

It compliments a uniquely styled backdrop by Event Decor Hire.

We also have beautiful silver sofas for hire.

The gold sofa is also great for the engagement, which we are noticing to be as big as the wedding day itself.

Make your day superb with the hire of the luxury gold wedding sofa



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