Modern dining tables with a great design

Modern dining tables with a great design

Modern dining tables-Whether you’re dining with family or friends, a beautiful modern dining table sits at the heart of any great meal or gathering. We chose 12 types of modern dining tables, ranging from a breakfast bar table to a marble dining table. For each category, you will get some useful buying tips and we pick up a model for its good design.

#1 – Marble Modern dining table

Modern dining tables

Marble is a luxurious and rather expensive material, so a marble dining table is a great option if you want an opulent dining room. The great thing about marble is that whatever your personal style (American classic, modern, contemporary…), it would fit into your home seamlessly. The bad thing is that marble is a high-maintenance material and will need ongoing care. Because it is a porous stone, marble is susceptible to staining. Therefore, you should clean surfaces straightaway. If you want a material with easier maintenance. They are not porous, are easy to work with, robust, and available in a wide range of finishes.

#2 – Wood Modern dining table

Modern dining tables

Solid wood is a classic material because it is durable and easy to repair. On the other hand, wood expands and contracts with heat and humidity and can show scratches and wear. If you want wood with easier maintenance, you can choose a wood dining table with an HPL (High-Pressure Laminates) or a glass table top for example. The choice of wood is a matter of taste, we strongly advise to:

  • check for a sturdy construction. The material is a major part of good construction, but a table is only as good as the joinery.
  • care about the environmental impact. Keep in mind that wood finishes may contain harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Please also choose the wood that originates from well-managed, sustainable forests and is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

#3 – Aluminium Dining Table

Modern dining tables

Aluminum is built to handle all weather or outdoor conditions, so the maintenance will be marginal. It is also quite light in comparison to steel or hardwood. On the other hand, aluminum can be more easily dented and scratched. However, you can opt for an aluminum table with an HPL or a glass table top if you want the advantages of aluminum without the disadvantages.

#4 – Glass dining table

Modern dining tables

Glass Modern dining tables are a popular choice because a glass table top is really easy to clean. Glass table top is naturally strong if you choose a tempered glass with a thickness of 10mm or more (it depends on the size of your table), so it would normally don’t break unless there is a manufacturing flaw – a good reason to buy from a high-quality manufacturer! On the other hand, glass is prone to fingerprints and is noisy unless you use table mats.

#5 – Steel Dining table

Modern dining tables

Steel dining table offers a distinctive character, it is indeed the best choice if you want to give an industrial touch to your interior. It is also quite affordable, easy to care and highly resistant to heat. The cons are a resistance to scratch that is only average.

#6 -Dining table with an internal lighting

Modern dining tables

With a led internal lit table, you are sure to produce a ‘vow’ effect with your guests. The Spanish manufacturer Vondom has expertise in rotational molding technology and internal lit furniture.

#7 – Concrete dining table

Modern dining tables

concrete table top is going to be extremely durable. It is indeed quite impossible to break! Its raw aspect will not please everyone, but nowadays, you can obtain countless subtle shades thanks to mass coloration. For minimalist interiors, a cement dining table is a great option, for sure. One of the disadvantages of the cement table top is its heavyweight and that it can absorb liquid. A special coating can make the cement table top waterproof and suitable for outdoor use.

#8 – A modern bar table

bar stool

modern bar table can have different functions. With its narrow profile, it can be placed in a small kitchen and serve as a breakfast table. It can also serve as a bar area for guests, or a buffet for appetizers. There are 2 standard heights for the bar table: 95cm or 105cm. The right seating height of bar stools is about 30cm less than the table height, which is 65cm or 75cm.

#9 – Scandinavian table

If you want to decorate your interior in Scandinavian style, then you need a Scandinavian dining table. The Scandinavian design emphasizes modernism (that is clean lines), utility, and more important craftsmanship. Therefore, a Scandinavian dining table will be functional, have clean lines and feel warm. You can use other colors than a neutral palette of black, white, gray, and beige! Nowadays, Nordic interiors are more colorful than in the past, it is common to find colors like dark green, blue, or even red.

#10 – Outdoor table

The most outdoor dining table is made of:

  • Hard Woods like teak, eucalyptus and cedar;
  • Plastic;
  • Synthetic resin, like synthetic wicker, composite wood with resin, High-Pressure Laminate (HPL);
  • Metals like aluminum or cast iron;
  • Stone-like marble or cement, but a special coating for the table top is necessary.

Each material has its pros and cons. For example, teak has superior natural all-weather capabilities, but it requires more care and maintenance. It needs to be polished once in every couple of years to maintain its beauty. The best outdoor dining table will depend on your location and your priorities: is it durable? easy to care? aesthetically pleasing? in my budget range?

#11 – Folding table

Where available space is an important factor, the capability to fold your table away can be highly beneficial, allowing you to make the most of your room when the furniture is no longer required. A folding table is also easy to store, and for professionals like restaurants, it makes it easier to clean the floor.

You cannot find the folding system on a large dining table because it is not really convenient to manipulate and also not durable if you want to fold the table every day. A clever solution, if you want to have a large table, is to join together several small square tables. You will save money by buying a high-quality folding table because some folding tables will break easily and are also dangerous to manipulate.

#12 – A table with a unique design

We hope that you think that some of the dining tables selected above have a unique design. The Knoll Platner table (see #4) and the Vondom Biophilia table (see #6) deserve indeed to be called a unique design. However, we selected another unique dining table for its unusual shape. This table is not round, square, rectangular or oval!


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