Wedding chair ideas-Our Complete Guide

Wedding chair ideas

Wedding chair ideas-So much time is spent on the seating arrangements that people hardly think about the actual chairs! But this important choice in furniture sets the tone for your ceremony and your reception. Your guests will spend most of the ceremony and dinner in one. They’ll inevitably be in your wedding photos. Oh, and they take up a lot of space. Bottom line: chairs are critical, and you’ve got options. Which kind will you choose? Pull up a chair and take a seat. We’re covering all you need to know when picking a seating option.

wedding chair ideas

Bentwood Chairs

Instant Parisian café flourish. These chairs pair well with venues that are equally winsome. If you want something less-Eurocentric but still relaxed, see slotted chairs.



wedding chair ideas

Chameleon Chairs

Perhaps you’ve seen chameleon chairs at wedding ceremonies and receptions without even realizing it. These seats are covered with fabric so that they blend in with the wedding venue, but we think chameleon chairs without covers are worth considering too! (They’re also reportedly the most comfortable chair . . . )


wedding chair ideas

Chiavari Chairs

Chiavari chairs are the wedding chair of choice right now, but they have always been en vogue. Typically made out of faux bamboo, they have a very classic look. Mahogany, black, white Chiavaris are neutral colors that most of these chairs already come in, but you can customize the chair further with covers and cushions. These look great indoors and out.


wedding chair ideas

Crossback Chairs

How rustic! Crossback chairs are also known as “vineyard chairs.” Pair these with cream-colored cushions and your wedding might as well be in the wine country.


wedding chair ideas

Ghost Chairs

Modern and sleek, it is easy to see the appeal of ghost chairs. (Especially since they photograph so well!) But we see right through these chairs! They may look great, but they are not the most comfortable chair for your guests . . . and might possibly be the most overdone trend. Beware the ghost chair . . .


wedding chair ideas

King Louis XVI Chairs

Let your guests eat cake while they sit in these chairs! We also like cane-back chairs for a more understated look.


Mid-Century Chairs

Not an obvious wedding chair, but still an option nonetheless. While these chairs elevate your wedding to retro and eclectic levels, they certainly won’t elevate your guests. This is definitely a case of form over function because while they don’t feel great—they definitely make a statement.


Tolix Chairs

The Tolix chair was invented by Xavier Pauchard. He was born in the late 1800s in heart of France, and he, his father, and his grandfather were all zinc roofers. They’re a favorite if you’re going for an industrial chic feel.


Wood-Folding Chairs

A solid choice for a couple on a budget.


Benches and Couches

An unexpected choice in a guide to wedding chairs, but benches and couches are great seating options! Benches are surprising picks that instantly make your wedding feel intimate and casual. It may not be the most practical choice for any guests with back problems, so we recommend having an alternative option for the elderly available as well.

We also love the idea of couches at a ceremony. They look glamorous indoors and outdoors and guests can squeeze in on a sofa—the more, the merrier!


Not only about the above chairs, but also we have metal chairs to choose from. If you are interested in this, please click on this article: Metal Frame Chair Feature-Furniture Trends


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