Sweetheart Tables for Wedding

Sweetheart Tables for Wedding

Sweetheart Tables for Wedding-

6 Reasons why couples choose Sweetheart Tables for their Wedding

Sweetheart Tables for Wedding

Why are couples choosing Sweetheart Tables in Weddings?


What is a sweetheart table?

In the world of weddings, the sweetheart table phenomenon has become a popular choice for modern couples.  A sweetheart table is a layout that couples choose whereby it is only the two of them on the head table. They would then sit in the middle of the reception for all guests to see.  In the past, it had been more traditional for brides and grooms to be set amongst their parents, the best man, maid of honor, and a few other favorable family members. These tables were anywhere between 8 to a huge 15 people and therefore can be very wide. But now we are finding a very positive trend with couples moving to use sweetheart tables with just the two of them.

Why are couples using sweetheart tables?

Here are a few reasons why couples are choosing sweetheart tables.

Sweetheart tables are handy for the couple. If they are finding it very difficult to choose who they would want to have on the head table. To avoid family conflict and struggle to whittle down the guest count on the head table. Couples have quite simply removed everyone from this choice. And have made their table for a maximum of two people!


  1. With the rise of the blended family, it can be sometimes tricky when the parents of the couple have separated or divorced from each other. And for the bride having to decide and choose and place them on the same table may not be an option. Especially if the divorce was particularly messy. Also if the parent has now moved on with a new partner, should they also be added to the head table as well? It can be a messy and difficult decision and quite simply removing it all together can be easier.
  2. The design comes to mind also when couples opt for a sweetheart table quite simply decorating a table for two will automatically be much more cost-effective than decorating a table that is for 8-15 guests. This will affect quite a few parts of the budget including The flower budget. Whereby it can reduce the price by up to ⅓ depending on the design. It can also reduce the production budget.
  3. The space in the Venue is also a reason why sweetheart tables have become popular sometimes. The venue and its layout do not fit the required number of guests that you would want for a  traditional head table. There will always be enough space to sit at a sweetheart table usually built around a 6-ft trestle table for the couple only.
  4. Couples often now feel that the wedding is about themselves. And want to be the prime focus of the day for their photographs and videos. They want that special design and time and space during the reception to really focus on that the day is theirs.
  5. The design also comes into mind when couples opt for sweetheart tables. For their wedding having created bespoke wedding backdrops for couples in the past. It is much easier designing a stage for 2 people than it is for designing a wider stage to sit up to 12 or 15 people. If you have an arch, the arch will comfortably cover two people. But it would prove harder and more expensive to create an arch that will seat 12 people below it.
  6. As with everything in life, there are trends currently. The trend and popularity for your head table is a sweetheart table. Brides are avidly on Pinterest, reading and viewing blogs, checking out articles, and sometimes purchasing magazines. All of which promote and Showcase a similar type of wedding often coming from abroad from places. Such as in Australia and America whereby sweetheart tables have been popular for many more years. It makes sense that the trend toward sweetheart tables has as increased.


Sweetheart Tables for Wedding

We find that Greek weddings tend to go for a more long head table similar to English weddings. African weddings and Caribbean weddings and Jewish Weddings tend to move towards the sweetheart table.

Millennials and younger couples will opt for a sweetheart table whereas baby boomers and older tend to go for more of a traditional long head table.

Here are some beautiful designs of sweetheart tables that we can provide for your special day.


Many are so new they’ve yet to be added to our website. Click on Instagram or TikTok for more product details where available or contact the team for more information about products not currently on our website.

We also can put the wedding cake on the sweetheart table, how do decorate the wedding cakes? Please click on this article: Wedding Sweetheart Tables the Pros and Cons

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